On May 24, more than 100 thousand demonstrators, called by the Federations, occupied Brasilia. We went there to demand the end of the Labor and Social Security reforms and the derogation of the outsourcing law. And also to struggle to take Temer and this corrupt Congress down, and say NO to indirect elections.


However, the government and Congress of thieves ordered a brutal, unacceptable repression. First, they tried to control-check demonstrators during the rally. Then, when the final event was about to take place, they tried to avoid it.

Even with the sound trucks and demonstrators in the field in front of the Military Police line, the police continued to throw bombs and rubber bullets for more than 4 hours, using the cavalry against tens of thousands of demonstrators aiming to disperse them to avoid the political wrap-up event, attacking their right to demonstrate. It was this savage repression, led by the Military Police of the governor Rodrigo Rolemberg (PSB), by request of the Congress and Temer, the one responsible for the situation generated in the Esplanade of Ministries, yesterday. The demonstrators did nothing but to defend themselves.

In front of such situation, the PSTU, through Zé Maria, called the demonstrators to resist the police aggressions and stay in the field to carry on with the demonstration. Hundreds of thousands of activists and countless organizations –and we highlight the vital role of the CSP-Conlutas- resisted for over four hours the violent police repression, which even used lethal weapons, and ended with dozens of injured. We strongly defend the resistance. Workers cannot resign their rights, among them the right to demonstrate to defend their interests.

As if this was not enough, Temer’s government, in the afternoon, decided to send Army troops to Brasilia for a week, by decree. He authorized the “use of the Armed Forces for the Guarantee of Law and Order, in the Federal District,” through an extreme authoritarianism that recalled of the military dictatorship.

The demonstrators resisted bravely. They did not manage to avoid our struggle: we occupied Brasilia. The use of the Armed Forces resource by the government, far for showing strength, expressed its fragility and its incapability to rule. The later withdrawal and repeal of the decree just confirm this.

The government, Congress, and bosses, meanwhile, continue aiming to end our rights. According to the news, under the hypothesis of Temer’s government not being able to stay in power, they are already trying to make an agreement to impose a new president through an indirect election, by this Congress of corrupts, to continue the approval of the reforms.

Together we are strong. #OccupyBrasilia yesterday was a strong evidence that it is possible to defeat the government and end the reforms. There is no repression that can stop our struggle if we are together and determined. Workers of Brazil, together and in struggle, are much stronger that all their weapons.

The path to follow now is a new General Strike of 48 h to defeat the government, but also this Congress and the reforms. Let’s stop the country and go out to the streets all around the country. Let’s show them we will not accept any more attacks to our rights nor the corruption flag raised in Brasilia. Not one right less!

We must demand from the Federations to call and set a date for the strike, to defeat the reforms and put Temer and all of them down! We will not accept any agreement to chose a new president through indirect election to carry on with the reforms.

Paraphrasing Brasilia’s demonstrators: “Out with Temer. Out with the Congress. Out with the Reforms. 48 h General Strike.”

São Paulo, May 25, 2017.

PSTU National Leadership.