Dear Ambassador,

We’d like to inform the government of Argentina through you that, Daniel Ruiz, whom you have been keeping in jail for a period of almost 2 months, has sisters and brothers also in Turkey. Daniel Ruiz, having been kept in jail, depending on a freak named “Preventive Arrest”, must be freed immediately.

Your government, during the recent period, has been trying to burden the bill of the economic crisis on the workers and the poor people, making life more obnoxious day by day for people. Struggling against this situation is not only the right, but also the duty of workers.

Your government has been trying to convert the protests where the workers express their opinions, into “crimes”, applying the familiar method known as “criminalization” in international literature.

However, we know that United Socialist Workers’ Party (PSTU) leader Daniel Ruiz, who has been sustaining his life as a worker since almost childhood days and came to the fore at every social problem in Comodoro Rivadavia city, led struggles among oil workers at Caleta Olivia in Patagonia, at cold storages, on construction areas, in oil refineries, has committed no crime except protecting the future of Argentina’s people. The real criminals at workers’ protests to express themselves are, police forces, which attacked people brutally.

We warn the government of Argentina. Stop attacking the workers and the poor people. The memory of working class is powerful. Those brutalities shall be certainly paid off eventually.

Freedom for Daniel Ruiz!

We stand shoulder to sholder with Argentina’s workers!

Erkan Baş

Chairman / Workers’ Party of Turkey

National Deputy / Great National Assembly of Turkey