_IGO6659.jpg BRASILIA DF BSB 22/03/2017 ----EXCLUSIVO EMBARGADO / ESPECIAL POLITICA Entrevista com Deputado Federal Jair Bolsonaro (PSC RJ) na Camara dos Deputados em Brasilia DF. FOTO IGO ESTRELA / ESTADAO

He got 57.7 million votes. The center-left candidate Fernando Haddad got 47 million. 52,3 million people voted blank, null or even abstention.

Por Fabio Bosco

The electoral map shows class divisions.
While Bolsonaro was supported by bankers, industrialists and landowners, Haddad won among the poorest half of the Brazilians that makes up to US$ 500 a month.
Bolsonaro put together diverse constituencies.
The noisiest one is the law-and-order people.
They have nostalgia for the military dictatorship.
They believe that the police and the army should have a kind of license to kill.
They also stand for the right for the citizens to hold weapons.
Top rank officials from both the armed forces and the polices support him.
Another critical constituency is the ultraconservative Christians.
They reject women’s liberation, LGBT rights, Black struggles and immigrants.
They also support Zionism. Israeli flags are always present in their activities.
Nevertheless the largest constituency are workers who voted for Bolsonaro to oppose the system but do not agree with his authoritarian ideas.
They oppose the whole system particularly the main political parties who have been in power since the days of the dictatorship: PT (workers party), PSDB and MDB.
It is not difficult to foresee a huge division between Bolsonaro and them soon.
CSP-Conlutas calls the working class and the social movements to unite against the new administration which intends to carry out a strong privatization plan and reforms to lessen workers and people’s rights.