Wed Nov 30, 2022
November 30, 2022

Tag: Justice4GeorgeFloyd

Their Symbols and Ours

The impressive wave of protests unleashed by the murder of George Floyd in the United States not only crossed the borders of that country...

Slater Crisis and the Union Movement

On May 28, 2020 the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) issued a statement condemning the murder of George Floyd asserting that drivers “have the right...

A Revolutionary Process Shakes the U. S.!

In the USA there is an ongoing revolutionary process. The masses have taken the streets and squares and fought police repression, in a gigantic...

George Floyd Was Strike Three

We Need To End Racist Police Violence Now and Fight for Justice, Jobs, Housing and Healthcare For ALL Since the racist police murder of George...

They Want to Dominate, We Want to Liberate

Statement Against the Ongoing Curfew and Martial Law By Workers' Voice Since the second day of the protest against the police murder of George Floyd,  the...

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