Thu Aug 11, 2022
August 11, 2022

Tag: Coronavirus and Capitalism

Emergency Program Against the Pandemic and the Economic Crisis

Capitalism, through the covid-19 pandemic and the world recession, expands the elements of barbarism across the world. The real numbers of the pandemic - not...

Capitalism’s response to COVID-19: Not enough PPE, even less testing, many die

The class nature of pandemics is revealed by the fact that in the Flu Pandemic of 2009 three times as many of the poorest...

The Two Plagues of Capitalism

The coronavirus pandemic could have disastrous consequences, recounting the millions of deaths from the 1918 Spanish flu. But the threat doesn't stop there. A...

COVID-19: It’s Them or Us

The effects of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are unraveling important truths that can transform into valuable lessons for the working class and other...

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