Thu Jun 01, 2023
June 01, 2023

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The PT’s Responsibility for the Rise of Bolsonaro

Most votes for Bolsonaro were votes against the PT. Jair Bolsonaro’s election surprised almost all. He went from having 20% of the voters’ support a...

The Challenges of the Working Class before Bolsonaro’s Election

PSTU statement before the electoral result The election of Jair Bolsonaro for President of the Republic in the second round of elections is, without a...

The Bolsonaro Phenomenon and the Authoritarian Risk. The Great Battles yet to come

As we closed this edition, Jair Bolsonaro was leading the polls for the second round of the presidential elections. In the first round, he...

Brazil: the Tasks for the Next Period among Rank and File Workers

Read the editorial of Socialist Opinion (Opinião Socialista) nº 563 Bankers, great entrepreneurs and farmers demand great attacks against our rights from the new government,...

The Second Round and the Workers' Interests

To prepare a General Strike in defense of retirement, labor rights and employment! The result of the 1st round of elections shows once again the...

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