The Syrian regime started talking about storming the northwestern province of Idlib after Russian forces set four checkpoints on the border between Syria and Occupied Syria (Golan Heights), and then another four of them in order to protect the Zionist State.

By Victorios Shams

Today three million Syrians live in Idlib.
More than half of them are refugees from their towns and villages due to the regime backlash.

Meanwhile the YPG (Kurdish militias led by PYD party) offered itself to help the regime to attack Idlib.

The Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu met his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Ankara for two days on August 14-15 amid severe economic crisis.

Cavusoglu said that there are terrorist groups in Idlib, such as Nusra Front and others.

His statement is insulting and strange.

Strange because Nusra Front and others have operated on the Turkish border for years.

Insulting because his wording is similar to the Syrian regime when it speaks about terrorism.

The Syrian regime has destroyed entire cities under the pretext that there are terrorists which means that Turkey is giving the pretext to the regime to attack Idlib.

It seems that the Turks are trading with the Russians.

Russia might give Turkey something in exchange for Idlib.
That is what happened to Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta traded for

Afrin and areas east of the Euphrates river.

* Victorios Shams is a Syrian journalist. He writes a weekly report on Syria for Socialist Review The Arab World From A Workers’ Perspective produced by PSTU (IWL-FI section in Brazil)