Sat Oct 01, 2022
October 01, 2022

Support the struggle of PPSWU


Greeting from Palestine.

PPSWU The Palestinian Postal Service Workers’ Union was established in 2010.

PPSWU  achieved  number of successes Stories on the labour  struggle also In the struggle for Palestine through support BDS.

in Sept 2016  WFTU that how  support  Palestinian people and the struggles of the Palestinian people invite PPSWU to attend the 17 WFTU Congress that will be hold south Africa  October 5-7.

For PPSWU its important to participate in this international event to  inform the message of Palestine and Postal workers also to build new relations.

Also more encouraging  in South Africa because they have similar struggle and its good to  be building relationships with (COSATO) them for the first time.

For this, we call  to donate for us so to cover the expenses of a flight ticket  for one  member who will  representative PPSWU union.

To donate, please enter here:

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