Buenos Aires is militarily occupied, thirty thousand soldiers guard the G20 meeting, the meeting of the main leaders of world capitalism. The image illustrates the political situation: only with the support of a brutal military force may these rulers meet. They know the majority of workers and young people around the world despises them.

Trump, the actual ugly face of imperialism, in his first day in office had to face a gigantic women’s demonstration against him. Wherever he goes, Trump generates enormous mobilizations in rejection. A significant part of the repressive strength in Buenos Aires is to avoid greater demonstrations, and to defend Trump.

Macron, the French president elected less than two years ago, is rejected by 75% of the French after the economic plans he applied. Great demonstrations against the increase in fuels shake France at this moment.

Macri, the host of the G20, already had to face four general strikes and he is rejected by 70% of Argentinians. He applied the plans dictated by imperialism, and now, he wished to further attack the workers. He represses strikes and demonstrations. Now, he keeps Daniel Ruiz imprisoned, one of the organizers of the demonstration against the G20, and he is persecuting Sebastian Romero for fighting his plans. This week, the police murdered two social fighters.

Temer is the most hated president at the end of his term in the history of Brazil. 92% of Brazilians do not trust him. He promoted a brutal labor reform to weaken the workers’ rights. He wanted to bring Bolsonaro to the meeting, the newly elected president (with the support of barely 30% of the population) of far right wing, racist, xenophobic, and male chauvinistic. Bolsonaro, elected because he capitalized the general anger of the people against the PT, will apply an even harder neoliberal plan under Trump’s orders, and he threatens to make the country setback towards a dictatorship.

Putin and Xi Jinping, representatives of the Russian and Chinese bourgeoisie, have specific confrontations with Trump, but they have complete agreement with the neoliberal plans and the support to bloody dictatorships.

These rulers meet to determine harsh neoliberal plans against our peoples, privatizing the remaining state-owned companies. Imperialism plunders our countries. The G20 meeting is in service of this.

The World needs to see the Mobilization against the G20

During these days, the world’s attention will be focused in Buenos Aires. It is also important to see the other scenario, the one of great mobilizations against these rulers. There will be a unitary, internationalist march, joining labor federations, movements and Latin American left wing parties.

It is necessary to show the world that if they unite, so will we, in a great struggle against the neoliberal plans and the governments that apply them. Therefore, we invite all the workers to join the march on the 30th, as part of the Confluence against the G20. At the same time, we would like to say to all activists that are listening that we will struggle together, but we do want to discuss the different perspectives among those who fight the G20. Workers and young people need to learn from our victories and our defeats.

Macri is preparing an enormous repression device

Bolsonaro’s election in Brazil would have been impossible if the workers had not broken with the PT, which applied the same neoliberal plans and had the same corruption as the previous bourgeois governments. Macri was only elected because the Kirchner administration was disastrous, due to the same neoliberal plans. Most Latin American “left” supports the Maduro and Ortega dictatorships in Venezuela and Nicaragua, despite they apply these same plans and harshly repress the workers.

Our revolutionary parties struggle together, but we do not accept the alternative of the parties focused on electioneering. When in “opposition”, parties like the PT in Brazil or Kirchnerism (along the labor bureaucracy) in Argentina, stop the struggles and lead everything to elections, with the hope of returning to office, to apply the same planes. Only the direct struggle of workers may change our countries. The outing we propose is revolution and socialism. Only workers in office may break with misery, plundering and imperialist domination, achieving the Second and definitive independence of Latin America.

Therefore, we invite all activists to discuss with us the Brazilian situation, on the 29th at 14 H, in the CSP Conlutas tent in the Alternative Summit (Congress Plaza). We would also like to invite you to the conference to fight for the freedom of Daniel Ruiz, also in the Conlutas tent, on the 29th at 17 H.

Out with the G20! Out with the IMF!

Out with Macri!

Long live the direct fight of the workers!

Freedom for Daniel Ruiz! For the end of the persecution of Sebastian Romero! Stop murdering fighters!

For workers and peoples’ governments!

International Workers League – Fourth International