Painting by one of our comrades in Corriente Obrera, U.S., in solidarity with Brazilian struggles.

We strongly reject the repression committed against the peaceful mobilization by workers trade unions and popular movements on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, in Brasilia, capital of Brazil.

This cowardly and repressive act is one more that adds to the long list of actions that show the inability to govern on the part of Temer and his henchmen in the Congress.

Not only do they rob, corrupt, bribe and lie to be richer and stay in power, but they also repress the people that call for them to resign government. ! Temer out, All the corrupt out!

The Temer government repressed the march with clubs, rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas and real bullets, leaving 49 wounded and 7 arrested, in addition, he also authorized the intervention of the army, an act that is completely illegal because it was a peaceful protest. His fear is so great and his end so close that it leads him to not even respect the own rules of the exploitative capitalist system since Riot Police are the agency that is always used to repress and not the army; a government institution for war.

We denounce the repression that is launched against the Brazilian people and we are in solidarity with their struggle, we make their demands our own, and will continue to follow closely the events, and we congratulate those who confronted the police repression, all the workers present in Occupy Brasilia! We send our deepest respect to the comrades of CSP-Conlutas and to our sister party PSTU.

We also proudly celebrate the general strike of April 28.

Long live the struggles of the Brazilian people!

48-hour general strike now!

Out Temer – Off with all the corrupt!

Long live the CSP- Conlutas, Long live the PSTU, Long live the IWL, the International Workers Party!

Corriente Obrera – May 25, 2017