U.S. border control agents have arrested activist Silvia Reséndiz Flores and her two grandchildren on the border on June 30, 2019 for 26 hours.

By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup


They were crossing the border legally but had their VISAs revoked arbitrarily on the spot.

The point is, however, that Silvia and her son León Fierro are leading members of the organization Mexicali Resiste.

Mexicali Resiste stands for the rights of Mexicali people for water resources which are under threat of giant transnational corporation Constellation Brands.

Constellation Brands is one of the 500 largest companies across the world and the largest importer of beer into the U.S.

It produces the popular CORONA beer.

The dispute is around 20 billion liters of water per year, enough for the consumption of 750 thousand Mexicali people, which will be employed by Constellation Brands in the production of beer.

CSP-Conlutas stands for the rights of the Mexican people to water resources against Constellation Brands.