Helping to supply NATO army in Afghanistan, Putin and Medvedev have turned Russia into a complicit in war crimes of U.S. and NATO. The government is preparing to send Russian troops to Afghanistan under the pretext of the “war against heroin”. 

The U.S. attempt to bring under control the peoples of the Middle East has not materialized. The occupation troops have been bogged down because of the lack of strength to overcome the resistance of Iraq and Afghanistan peoples as well as because of the constant guerrilla warfare.  

The plans designed for the Middle East have been transformed into a permanent defeat for the imperialists. Having in view the enormous flow of coffins from Afghanistan and Iraq, and because of war high expenditures, U.S. and Europe have drastically reduced the social benefits in their respective countries.  

Most of the population of invader countries is against these wars. Iraqi and Afghan wars are a backfire. A shot that has hurt the invader governments themselves and has contributed to the losing of the population’s confidence. Governments of imperialist countries (like Spain) were forced to withdraw the army from Iraq. The world was on the threshold of a historic defeat of imperialism, much higher than the defeat in Vietnam.

It has become clear that getting victory in these wars is impossible. Governments and the generals are aware of this fact. However, the most important is that the aggressors’ countries are facing an absurd scenario. The continuation of war is impossible, as it leads to further losses, to the decline in the governments’ popularity and to higher financial costs – the more it increases, the worse. Nevertheless, the troops return is not an option for them, once it would mean a complete defeat, a failure of the long-term policy and the loss of prestige. In this regard, NATO has accepted two basic tactics.  

First, to start negotiations with the resistance leadership aiming at a success they were not able to achieve through war. In this tactic, war plays an auxiliary role as a pressure factor. Second, to drag this war to other countries, who, with their own hands and their own coffins, will be able to get NATO interests and objectives. NATO troops, who suffer a defeat in the Afghan is in urgent need of support from other countries that, in the eyes of the imperialism will do the dirty job in exchange for some privileges. Specifically in this context, it is necessary to examine the question raised in the government, i.e. the creation in Russia of an “anti-drug army.”  

It has been a long time since the United States wants to convince Putin and Medvedev to help NATO’s occupation of Afghanistan. Currently NATO aircrafts flies around with ease on Russia air space; through Russian territory NATO aircrafts flies completely full of materials to support the occupation troops. Even in Afghanistan, Russian transport helicopters together with their crews have been serving NATO.  

Russia supplies the Afghan puppet Karzaya government weaponry and technology to combat the resistance anti NATO. This has become a big favor of Putin and Medvedev to the U.S. and its allies. Russia is especially helpful in similar conditions like in Pakistan, which is the main point of supply for the occupation troops, and where the resistance continuously withdraws NATO’s cargos. However, Putin and Medvedev government have not resolved this issue yet because there is still a negative attitude of Russians into Afghanistan, as it recalls the defeat of Soviet troops in Afghanistan. The political cost of this step is very serious. It can be very dangerous. While the regime of Putin and Medvedev had the strength, they could act independently and avoid this kind of adventure, but the crisis has changed everything. The Russian economy has collapsed; as it has fallen so fast, it has proven to be one of the weakest of the dominant countries.  

Russia’s economy is heavily dependent on foreign capital and technology as it sells only gas and oil to the West. This economic dependence and the very weak response to the crisis forced Russian government to accept the rules and requirements of the economic powers and one of these demands is the active and essential aid in Afghanistan. That is when U.S. allies seek to prevent the Iraqi quagmire, Russia decided to put its foot there.  

It is not easy to justify the presence of troops in Afghanistan, but they have already invented an excuse. If the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in the “war against terrorism and for democracy”, Russia intervenes with the intention of sending troops to fight the “armed and very dangerous trafickers”. Russsia begins to build up a “special anti-traffickers troops.” In fact, the operations are under the command staff rules, and the head of staff is a member of the Narcotics Office. Nezavisimaya Gazeta issue of September 27, 2010 quoted the words of one of the Central Command Air Forces officers:  “if they accept the political decision, aviation is ready to declare war on poppy, opium and heroin production plants of Afghanistan, since there are already military training in this area, for example not long ago joint military exercises were made in Kazakhstan, the ‘anti-terrorist’ 2010 Exercises for Peace, when Defense Minister, Serdukov was present”.

The Russian government has not invented anything new. Particularly under the pretext of fighting against traffickers, U.S. militarized Colombia and the border with Mexico. In addition, this rogue government behavior aims at preparing to enter in Afghanistan supporting the occupation troops from NATO. Nezavisimaya Gazeta issue of September 17, 2010 quotes an article by I.S. Malevich, a military analyst, where the author defines the replacement of NATO troops as the only honorable exit for the U.S. In the near future, it is likely to appear an anti-narcotics campaign to prepare the population for a holy war against drugs.  

The U.S. need cannon fodder; they need deaths that will not be condemned by public opinion to the same extent as they would be condemned by the American society, deaths that do not require high cost compensation for every family of every soldier. Putin and Medvedev are ready to send Russian troops to die. If this plan is carried out, each death reported in the Caucasus must be added to deaths of the war in Afghanistan. The country could fall into the stress of a new war, a war as an oppressor, regional gendarme serving U.S. and NATO. Moreover, we will be forced to wait for new terrorist attacks in Russian cities and pay with our lives for the crimes of our government.  

Is it possible to stop this? Yes it is. Only with massive actions of those who do not need this war, i.e. the workers and the people. As practice shows, if the workers remain silent, the government will do whatever the governments want disregarding the workers’ needs. Currently in Western Europe, workers go on demonstrations against their governments policies. Struggles in China are also threatening one of the bloodiest dictatorships in the world. In Southern Russia, in Kyrgyzstan masses destroyed an unpopular government and in Afghanistan the most powerful army in the world is stuck and cannot do anything. Russian workers have 2 alternatives: to receive in addition to inflation, police impunity, the war in the Caucasus and also another war, the one in Afghanistan with new graves, or other alternative: to begin to unite, to organize, to struggle against the powerful employers and the government in order to join the Eurasian front struggle.  

No to war!  

No to the government of Putin and Medvedev!


Translated by Wilma Olmo Corrêa