Greve na Embraer Os funcionários entraram em greve por tempo indeterminado na sede da empresa em São José dos Campos ,a polícia militar enfrentou sindicalistas e manifestantes para garantir a entrada dos funcionários fura greve.Um sindicalista foi preso. São Jose dos Campos , SP ,25.09.2019 Crédit Image : Roosevelt Cássio

The riot police attacked workers on strike in Brazil on September 24, 2019. Workers went on strike the day before at aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup

They are fighting for better wages, job security and a fair contract.
Embraer managers refused to meet these demands and called the riot police to stop the strike.
The strike was halted but the struggle continues.
Workers will hold a new mass meeting next week to decide whether to go on strike or not.
The brutal police repression was reported by mainstream international media like the New York Times and the Washinton Post.
Behind the strong repression and the refusal to meet workers’ demands is the recent acquisition of Embraer by American giant Boeing which is about to conclude.