Piñera, in his last speech, called for peace. Since yesterday, many major business institutions also issued statements calling for peace and justice.

By MIT-Chile

This is the case of the CPC (Confederation for Production and Commerce), the SOFOFA (Manufacturing Development Company), the Icare (Chilean Institute of Rational Business Administration), the Chilean Chamber of Construction and the Association of Banks.

Piñera’s and businessmen’s speeches are very different from a few weeks ago when the president called for war against the unarmed population.

But what peace are they talking about now? The peace of the cemeteries? How far do entrepreneurs intend to go to keep their privileges?

In recent weeks the Army and Special Forces killed 22 people. There are almost 200 people who have been partially blinded by rubber bullets fired by the police while Gustavo Gatica lost both eyes, there are dozens of complaints of rapes and torture. The Special Forces continue to shoot in the eyes of protesters, hitting elders and kidnapping children. Now Piñera says he will broaden the repression using the State Internal Security Law against those who “incite violence,” that is, anyone who shares a video of a roadblock can spend years in jail.

What peace is the bourgeoisie talking about? The peace they need for economic growth, for the growth of their profits, to maintain the plundering of our wealth and our work. They need a peaceful people, who do not raise their voices, who do not protest, who do not take to the streets. They speak of peace when their dictatorship over workers is usual in the works, mines, and companies. They talk about peace when they don’t want to give up even 1% of their profits.

And we ask the representatives of the Frente Amplia and the Communist Party, such as Boric and Camila Vallejos, who also call for peace: what peace are you talking about? While the youth continue to give their lives on the streets, you sit down to negotiate with a murderous government!

We are not idiots. We will defend ourselves. We no longer believe in his peace of cemeteries. The Chilean youth show the way to achieve our demands. We will be more organized than ever. Get out Piñera! Let them all go! No trust in the peace of those who plunder us! To continue in the streets until Piñera falls!