The powerful wave of revolutions in the Arab World that for years has been sweeping bloodthirsty dictatorships away and contesting imperialist domination in that strategic region has now placed the historic struggle of the Palestinian people against occupation and genocide boosted by the Nazi Zionist State of Israel and American imperialism at a different moment and at a higher level.

Palestinian cause is inseparable from the revolution in the Middle East and North Africa as a whole. The heroic struggle of the Palestinian people converges with that of other peoples in a sole process, in which each confrontation against imperialism and its gendarmes (Israel and genocidal dictatorships) strengthening the struggle for the liberation of the region as a whole.

This is the political background, qualitatively different and more favourable than any other situation in decades, in which we witness a new genocidal aggression by Israel against Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, where Zionist army carried out intense air and navy bombings and so murdered 170 Palestinians (40 of whom were children) while only 6 Zionists died.

Apart from massive murders, which is common  practice among Zionists, we now have selective murders of several leaders of Palestinian Hamas, among them Ahmed Jabbari, leader of the Ezedin al Qasam Brigades, military arm of that organisation. Apart from that, hundreds of homes, public buildings and all sorts of basic infrastructure were destroyed.

In the face of  butchery of this kind it is impossible to let them get away with a statement – as false as insistently broadcasted –  according to which all this was “war” in which Israel (cynically dubbed “the only democracy in the Middle East”) was practising self-defence against “terrorist attacks” of the Palestinians. Anybody with any social sensibility can find it possible to conclude that there has been no “war” there but only a brutal genocidal attack perpetrated by Israel against a poor people, which for the last 64 years has been submitted to direct military occupation. It is an military aggression just like those boosted for decades, of which the latest took place in 2008, when as part of the Operation Molten Lead, Israel massacred 1 400 Palestinians and destroyed 15% of the houses in Gaza with a toll of only 14 Israelites killed.

{module Propaganda 30 anos – MORAL}This is so because there is simply no point of comparison between both military forces: Israel is a military (and nuclear) power armed directly by American imperialism and Palestine, led by Hamas which, even if they did significantly increase their firepower, they still have considerably inferior armament.

The ceasefire has been a defeat for Israel

On 23rd November, ceasefire was signed between the Zionist Stateand Hamas, stemming out of the mediation of Mohamed Morsi, Egyptian President and leader of Muslim Brotherhood. The agreement and the outstanding role played by Morsi have been strongly sponsored by Washington in the person of Hilary Clinton, whose unconditional espousal to Israel did not impede her from determining that in the face of an unforeseeable political-military outcome, ceasefire would be the least costly solution.

The point is that Washington is not blind to the enormous fact that that the Arab revolutions have substantially modified the political map of the region. USA can no longer rely on Mubarak, a meek puppet of their interests and those of Israel, who used to support all the military adventures of imperialism and Zionism and controlled the Gaza frontier forcefully. Now imperialism and Israel are much more isolated and must wrestle with, for example a Morsi who, even if he too acts as agent 0f the counterrevolution in Egypt, he cannot act the way Mubarak used to for the simple reason that he is still trying to break in a revolution underway.

Because of this scenario, Morsi had to walk on a tightrope, trying to act as a friend of the Palestinians but without splitting away from Israel – and let alone from the USA. That is why he limited himself to making speeches favourable to the Palestinians as well as sending his Prime Minister to Gaza and opening temporarily his frontiers with the Strip so as not to get burned in the eyes of the Egyptian people and Arab masses, who historically have been for the Palestinian cause and exposed Israeli aggressions. But Morsi’s central policy was to place the prestige of the Brotherhood in the service of restraining the struggles in his country as well as in the entire region, including the Palestinian struggle, which he wishes to contain within the framework of the State of Israel, with whom he had committed himself to maintain the treaty of Camp David that will guarantee full security for him.

The agreement on a truce with the Zionists was presented by Hamas as a political victory and was cheered not only in Gaza but also on the West Bank and in several other countries in the region as headway over the Zionist occupant. In the IWL-FI we greet this feeling of Palestinian resistance and we declare that, because of the context in which it took place, the ceasefire was a political defeat of Israel and an important victory for the Palestinian cause.

That is so not only because Israel failed to achieve their political and military targets set by the military aggression against Gaza but also because, due to Palestinian resistance and fundamentally to Arab revolutions, it has deepened their political isolation in the region.

Having had to sign the armistice was the equivalent of a defeat, for they had to recede – in the eyes of the whole world – from an operation where, apart from the air rides, they had threatened to mobilise over 75000 soldiers on an “imminent” land invasion on Gaza “to destroy the entire military apparatus of Hamas. Well the, Hamas was not destroyed and let alone all about annihilating Palestinian resistance. Zionist recoiled empty- handed. This deepens the 2008 defeat when, even invading Gaza with land troops the failed at achieving the victory they had boasted about.

The fact is that everything has turned worse for Israel. Four years after having promised to “annihilate Hamas” the Benjamin Netanyahu had to admit that they were militarily stronger now. Actually, Palestinian militias launched over a thousand missiles towards Israel. Some of these missiles were Iranian, of the Fajr-5 type, that could evade the advanced Israeli anti-aircraft and anti missiles systems hit not only several zones in the south of Israel but also exploded in Jerusalem and even in Tel Aviv, something that had not happened since 1970. Apart from the impact made by the missiles, there was another raid in a bus in Tel Aviv claimed by other Palestinian sectors. It left a toll of 17 people injured. Al this produces a deep moral effect apart from the strictly military one that boosts all the activists who are fighting for the Palestinian cause.

Crisis in the Zionist summit

Neither did the Zionist Netnayahu-Lieberman-Barak administration reach the aim of getting politically stronger with view to the forthcoming elections in Israel summoned for 22 January. After recoiling and quitting in a worse situation than before, Natanyahu lost a lot of face and suffered relative weakening in the eyes of Israeli population.

Let us remember that 90% of Zionist population – as was to be expected from the inhabitants of an enclave – was all for the bombing raids and even of a land invasion. Within this context, when the ceasefire was declared, 49% of Israeli settlers expressed their disapproval of this decision of the Israeli administration.

The abortion of the Defensive Pillar Operation also triggered of a political crisis at the tops of the Zionist state. Two main characters, second only to Netanyahu, resigned. The first one is nothing less than Ehud Barak, former primer minister and until just recently, minister of Defence; he not only resigned but also announced his withdrawal from political life. The other one to quit the Zionist executive was Avigdor Lieberman, Foreign minister and leader of the Nazi-fascist party, Israel Beiteuu (that is related to Metanyahus’ Likud) who was accused of fraud and breach of faith.

The strengthening of Hamas

On the other hand, it was Hamas who was strengthened. It was enough to se the massive Palestinian welcome for the Hamas leader, Jaled Metal, who could enter Gaza to celebrate 25th anniversary of the first Intifada after receiving from the Israeli State itself guarantees “that he would not be murdered”. From there he summoned for the “liberation of the entire Palestine” and “not to yield a millimetre from river Jordan up to the Mediterranean, which includes the current Zionist state.

Hamas is a Palestinian Islamic organisation, identified with the Muslim Brotherhood, which does not acknowledge the State of Israel and had military confrontations with the Zionists. That is why imperialism regards it as a “terrorist” organisation. That is why, and in the face of Israeli and imperialist attacks, it is correct and our duty to apply the policy of united action (and even more so on the military grounds) to defeat Israel.

But this policy should take place within the framework of absolute class independence and permanent struggle against the policy of negotiations with Israel and the collaborationist leadership of Abbas-Fatah that Hamas leadership is constantly putting into practice. A clear approach of both Palestinian leaderships could be observed with the idea of favouring the “resuming of peace negotiations” with the Zionist state. This has a lot to do with the class character of Hamas (a bourgeois leadership) with a programme and a strategy of reconstructing an Islamic and capitalist Palestinian state. That is why they are sworn enemies of independent organisation and mobilisation of Palestinians, whom they will try to control in a totalitarian way and why the went as far as repressing  any kind of struggle in Gaza, including the one that took place to express solidarity with revolutions in neighbouring countries.

The UN and the “observer” Palestinian state

At the General Assembly of the UN held on 29th November, yielding to a proposal from Manhud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority and leader of Al Fattah, decided to grant the state of Palestine statehood member observer at the UN on territories occupied by Israel in 1967, after the vote in which 138 countries voted for the motion presented, 41 abstained and only 9 voted against.

In the IWL we sustain that neither this vote nor the highly improbable effective creation of this mini state can offer a solution to the national demands of the Palestinians, for it would mean creating an unviable state from the economic, political or military point of view on a territory with no geographic continuity that represents 22% of the historic Palestinian territory. Actually, it would be less than 15% because of the Israeli settlements inside West Bank. And yet, even taking all this into account there is no denying that this vote in the UN was a harsh defeat of the USA and Israel and expressed their increasing international isolation and was a distorted reflection of decades of struggle, especially of the latest heroic resistance in Gaza. Only Canada, the Czech Republic, Panama, Nauru, Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

That is why thousands o Palestinians cheered this decision and regarded it as their victory. Faced with the defeat, Israel started reprisals announcing the construction of 3 000 new houses for settlers in the E-1 zone, with which the West Bank would be all but split into two and would cut the territorial continuity from North to South annihilating from the very beginning any chance of establishing even that Palestinian mini-state . These days, Israel has announced another plan of colonisation with 1 300 homes in Ramat Shlomo, a neighbourhood of settlers in East Jerusalem. Zionists also applied a harsh economic penalty on the Palestinians. Israel decided to confiscate about 92 million euros corresponding to the monthly instalment transferred to the Palestinian as taxes and that the government uses to pay the wages of officials.

For a Free, United, Secular, Democratic and non- Racist Palestine!

Once again, these new elements of reality pose the strategic discussion regarding the definite solution for the historic problem of the Palestine and peace in the Middle East on the agenda.

From this point of view, the only real solution for the permanent conflict in the region is the construction of a Free, United, Secular, Democratic and Non-Racist Palestine on the entire historic territory of Palestine. Millions of refugees who had been driven out of their houses will be able to return to this Palestine with no walls and no concentration camps, and coexist with the Jews who will agree to coexist in peace and equality.

But if this is to be achieved, the total destruction of Nazi-Zionist state of Israel is absolutely necessary. In order to understand this strategic solution is necessary to comprehend that Israel is not a “normal” country but a military enclave of imperialism that is to serve the purpose of dominating this region. Israel is a racist and theocratic state (by definition, it is a “Jewish State”) founded in 1948 based on the usurpation of historic territories and expulsion of millions of Palestinians using Nazi methods of ethnic cleansing. Due to this character of enclave, the entire Israel is artificial. Their economy is artificial (they depend on direct financing from the USA) and even the population is artificial (based, as every enclave is) on a transplanted population of settlers who live off grants of the Zionist state and imperialism). Because of the very nature of the State of Israel the solution of the “two states”: one Jewish and the other Arab) “neighbours coexisting in peace” is nothing but a reactionary Utopia. Firstly because the very character of Israel impedes any kind of negotiation no matter how tiny it may be. The failure of the Oslo Accords (signed in 1993) by Israel and the collaborationist of the PLO-Fattah) that is evidenced in the maintenance and deepening of methods of ethnic cleansing of the settlements of Zionist settlers on territories that should belong to the alleged Palestinian “state”. Secondly, because acknowledging this “state” would mean renouncing the “right to return” of the millions of refugees, for their houses and lands would still be in the state of Israel. Neither would this solution be viable from the military point of view, for this mini-state would be hedged in by an infinitely more powerful enemy who for all practical purposes would maintain the occupation and isolation.

Actually, the proposal of the “to states” defended by imperialism, Israeli government and treacherous and collaborationist Palestinian leaderships – such as Al Fattah – would in no way better than the Bantustans of the South African Apartheid, that is zones formally administered by Negroes within the framework of a racist state dominated by whites.

That is why, the historic task of destroying the State of Israel that is still on the agenda for the Palestinian people and all the Arab revolutions in unity with the working class and all the peoples of the world is a tasks equivalent to the destruction of the Nazi state in Germany or the Apartheid in South Africa.

It is possible to defeat Israel!

This historic task, which seemed impossible due to Israeli landslide victories until 1973 is now posed in better conditions. The defeat inflicted to Israel by Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006 proved that it is possible to defeat Zionism even within the military scope.

The wave of revolutions that shakes the North of Africa and Middle East is isolating the Zionist-imperialist enclave, for now masses of other countries are now challenging and defeating dictators who have always been clue allies for security such as Mubarak, Gadafi, Saleh and Al Assad. Strong battles are beating the reactionary and pro-imperialist monarchy of Jordan, the other country with which Israel has peace accords. Revolution is also knocking on the doors of Golan, so far regarded as “the most secure “guaranteed by the Al Assad regime. We must add to this that, no matter how many raids and genocide attacks they may carry out, Israel is still unable to beat Hamas and the people of Gaza militarily.

The only solution is the joint political and military struggle of the Palestinian people and all the Arab and Muslim people. As part of this process, it is fundamental to overcome such treacherous leaderships as Al Fattah and the Islamic leadership of Hamas that – even if they do not acknowledge the State of Israel, because of their bourgeois character, will never be consistent to the very end in their struggle with Zionism and imperialism. It will be in the combat against these leaders that Palestinian people will forge and build an internationalist revolutionary leadership.

But now more than ever supporting the Palestinian cause means giving unconditional support to the revolutions in the Arab and Muslim world because the liberation of the Palestinian people is inseparable from the struggle of all the other peoples of the region. There is only one struggle because the enemy is the same.

These revolutions are spawning a new vanguard of young fighters in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya as well as in Palestine. That is why we wish to conclude using the words of two young women fighters for revolution in the entire Arab world and for the final liberation of the whole Palestine: Sar Al-Suri, Syrian revolutionist and Najlaa Kaied, militant of the youth in the city of Mablus on West Bank. At the recent Social World Forum – Free Palestine, both of them referred to unity of Palestinian struggle with that of all the Arab and Muslim peoples, especially to the unity and mutual support with the Syrian revolution. 

On that occasion Sara said, “Syrian revolution and the Palestinian struggle are the struggle against tyranny, oppression and imperialism. As the Syrian activists say in all their demonstration, ‘There is a Palestinian soul in every Syrian revolutionary’.”

Najlaa went along the same lines when she stated, “It is true that many political organisation in Palestine are against Syrians, but this just goes to say how far these bureaucrats are from the feeling of the mass of the inhabitants of the occupied Palestine most of whom stand by the Syrian people.

“We are sick and tired of having our struggle kidnapped by murderers and tyrants who, in order to keep power for themselves, use the Palestinian cause for their own interests.

“We are convinced that the liberation of Palestine permeates the liberation of Arab world and vice-versa. That is why, comrades, it is our historic task to stand by all the Arab for today they are the ones who also fuel a third Intifada of the Palestinian people. An Intifada that will also be against the bureaucrats who are usurping our struggle for the sake of their own interests.

“Long live the Syrian revolution! Long live the Arab revolution! Long live Free Palestine!”