Sat Sep 30, 2023
September 30, 2023

Palestine: Media Forum Addresses Palestinian Rights

750 delegates from 65 countries attended the Palestine Media Forum Tawasol 3 in Istanbul on November 17-18, 2018.
CSP-Conlutas media workgroup
For the first time there were representatives from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.
The Forum addressed how worldwide media deals unfairly with the rights of the Palestinian people vis-a-vis the racist State of Israel.
Some strategies to overcome the unjust international media coverage were taken.
Tawasol 3 organizers launched a Palestinian movies database freely available, together with one-minute short videos documenting the reality of the Palestinians inside and outside Palestine. Some of them will be in ten languages.
Pamphlets with basic and critical information on Palestinian political prisoners, refugees and other issues will be easily available in four languages.
Weekly regional newsletters are also in the agenda.
One of the highlights of Tawasol 3 was the Palestinian Creativity Awards which selected impressive artistic works from Palestinians and rewarded them. A documentary by Dima Abu Ghawash on the village Amuaz that was erased from the map by the Zionists after 1967 was awarded.
The cartoonist Naji al-Ali who was murdered in London in 1987 got a beautiful homage. Other martyrs like young activist Bassel al-Araj were remembered as well.
Opposition to normalization with the Zionists and support for Palestinian rights are the key goals of the Forum which considered that the solidarity with the Palestinians should be carried out in their just and legitimate struggle.

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