Sat Oct 01, 2022
October 01, 2022

Palestine International Solidarity to Gaza!

Israeli bombs destroyed Said Al-Mishal Cultural Center, the second largest theater in Gaza last Friday, August 10, 2018.
By Soraya Misleh
August 15, 2018
Palestinians regretted the destruction in the social media.
The bombs also harmed both water infraestructure and a mosque.
Furthermore the State of Israel cut fuel and gas provision to Gaza which has been under a criminal blockage for 11 years.
Snipers killed three Palestinians the same day, the 22-year-old volunteer physician Abdallah Katati among them.
The Israeli backlash hurt more than 300 protesters in the straight strip.
The day before Israeli bombs killed three other people including Inas Al-Khamash, who was 9 months pregnant, holding her 18-month-old daughter Bayan in her arms.
Zionist leaders’ speeches signal more massacres in Gaza.
According to the news website Middle East Monitor, the Israeli minister for Education Naftali Bennet insists that the Zionist State must throw bombs on the heads of the Palestinian children who fly flaming kites in order to stand up against the inhumane massacres and siege which they are submitted to since they were born.
It is urgent to build international solidarity to Gaza!
* Soraya Misleh is a Palestinian-Brazilian journalist. She writes a weekly report on Palestine for Socialist Review The Arab World From A Workers’ Perspective produced by PSTU (IWL-FI section in Brazil)

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