The Platform of People in Struggle and Critic Chavism pronounces in front of the demonstration called by the MUD

The Platform of People in Struggle and Critic Chavism vindicates the democratic right of the Venezuelan people to mobilize and demonstrate for their rights. We have many reasons to go out on the streets to protest against hunger; for food and medicines; against the inflation and the speculation; for dignified salaries, among several other demands.

In this regard, we reject the threats of the President Maduro and the retaliations against the public workers who want to demonstrate or signed in favor of the revocation. We defend the protest as a right, not only constitutional but inalienable of our people and all peoples around the world. The criticism, the debate, the questioning, the protest, the demonstration, the disobedience, the strike and even the popular rebellion are legitimate rights of the people, and we defend them as such, tooth-and-nail.

According the spokesmen of the MUD [Democratic Unity Coordination], the demonstration called by them in September 1stwill make the entire Venezuela shake from its guts”. They pretend to divide Venezuelan History in two: before and after September 1st.

As a working people, we know the cries of the MUD are nothing but a demagogic, bourgeois response to the disastrous, famine-causing government of Maduro, who has been incapable of guaranteeing our necessities, and even less during the last times, in which the economic and social crisis reached unbearable extreme levels. In other words, they are the two faces of one same coin: Capitalism.

The truth is the conservative Venezuelan right wing is not interested in solving our problems either, as their logic as representatives of the dominant classes is the accumulation of capital and the defense of the interests of the private sector, the traditional “Lords of the Valley” and the transnational capitalists. This is why we cannot trust the old, tricky, cynic speech of the MUD, when we know they are the same old political leadership, with just some new faces, that took Venezuela to bankruptcy in the 80s and 90s. The bourgeois opposition tries to present to the country with a washed faced, as a salvation boat, which will make Venezuela reemerge from the ashes. But the traditional Venezuelan bourgeoisie just wants to take its part from the oil income of the State, as it has been doing for forty years. The MUD and the government do not have any different project than this.

Actually, the MUD tries to negotiate the election of governors, among other pretensions, with the government, to continue with their summit pacts, whose goal is to keep the polarization in the current political frame, in front of the irruption of popular struggles that are emerging and are putting the two-party system of the PSUV-Government/MUD, which holds the current order, in danger. Deep down, the hegemonic sectors inside the MUD have no interest in the referendum. They use the demonstration as a pressure mechanism, taking advantage of the genuine discontent of the population with the government to see what they can get in their favor during these turbulent times. For such reasons, we reject the call to the demonstration of September 1st, and we call the Venezuelan people, despite all their sorrows and suffering, to not be part of a demonstration that goes clearly against our interests.

In this regard, the call to out Platform to the working people and other exploited sectors is to build a political alternative of struggle, to respond to the people’s needs, and pose the dispute against Maduro’s government, to confront the neo-liberal package he has been implementing, in agreement with the enterprises, charging the crisis over the workers’ shoulders.

Let us take the streets, but to protest due to the lack of food, the inflation and unleashed speculation, the corruption, the ‘pulverization’ of our salaries, the inefficiency of the institutions, the hand-over of our resources to the transnational companies, and the persecution to our political organizations and our peasants, indigenous people, unionist leaders and social activists!
In the same, our call is to build all together a new revolutionary alternative for the workers and the people, the new referent the historical moment demands, in front of the irreversible decomposition of the main agents of the bourgeois, bureaucratic polarization trying to confiscate the political scenario: the PSUV and the MUD!

Let us implement the permanent popular mobilization, with our own demands and flags! Let us build a new revolutionary alternative! Nor bureaucracy nor capital!