Sat Oct 01, 2022
October 01, 2022

New Workers’ Independent Federation founded in Palestine!

With a lot of proud and hope, we reproduce the official letter of foundation of the CWU-PS (Communication Workers’ Union – Palestine), an independent Union that gathers Postal Service, IT, Logistic, Communication and Media workers. One important step towards the organization of the Palestinian workers’ and people.

Palestine’s postal, communication and IT workers’ unions unite in a federation to strengthen their bargaining power with employers and the government

Ramallah, Palestine – On 23/08/2016, four unions representing Palestinian postal service, communication and information technology workers held the establishing conference of the first Palestinian federation that gathers workers in this sector, which they named the Communication Workers’ Union – Palestine (CWU-PS). The birth of CWU-PS is the result of great efforts to unite trade unions in this sector on the basis of their common interests, while they had been previously divided by their affiliations to different general federations of trade unions (General Federation of Independent Trade Unions – Palestine (GFITUP) or the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU)) or lack thereof.

In his first statement, the secretary of CWU-PS, Imad Temeiza, said that CWU-PS takes its roots in democratic, independent and effective unionism, and that its formation is the fruit of a dialogue engaged between trade unions in this sector in order to strengthen workers’ bargaining power by uniting them in one representative body. According to Temeiza, CWU-PS aims at improving working conditions and workers’ status, reinforcing their struggles for their rights, stopping privatization efforts and the adoption of any legislation harmful to workers’ interests, participating in the management of social security funds and the elaboration of labor laws and policies. It also seeks to play a role in the advancement of Palestinian human rights in general alongside other civil society forces in the absence of a Palestinian Legislative Council and in view of Israel’s continued violations of the rights of the Palestinian people, which have dire consequences for workers and the businesses that provide them with a livelihood. Imad Temeiza added that CWU-PS has an international policy and will reach out to its sisters and brothers in global and foreign unions  to inform them about recent developments, stressing that workers in their sector have many demands and rights that they wish to achieve.

CWU-PS members elected Mohammed Al-Badri, the president of the Jawwal Cellular Company Employees’ Union,  as its general secretary, Imad Temeiza, the president of the Palestinian Postal Service Workers’ Union, as secretary, Feras Ziad, president of Hadara Technologies Company Employees’ Union as deputy general secretary, Nour Khatib, the president of Pal media Employees’ Union as deputy secretary, and Yazeed Al-Rimawi, from the Jawwal employees union as its treasurer.

Imad A.A. Temeiza 
President & International Relations
Palestinian Postal services workers union – (PPSWU)
Communication Workers Union – Palestine (CWU-PS)
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