The orientation is for all unions and social movements to begin a strong mobilization process now, with assemblies and leaflets distributions among workers to prepare a great national strike on D5.

By CSP-Conlutas.


Unanimously, the leaders evaluated that the new reform text presented by Temer’s government is a big attack on workers and, if it passes, it will mean the end of the right to retire.

Against the government’s speech, who tries to convince the population that the Social Security reform is necessary and “fights privileges,” the Federations also decided to intensify the campaign through the social media, with leaflets, videos, and other resources, to unmask Temer’s lies and clarify to the workers how nefarious this reform is.

The orientations defined at the meeting were to prepare the D5, to keep the pressure on the parliamentarians in the airports, and among their basses, too.

To Luiz Carlos Prates, “Mancha,” member of the National Executive Secretariat of CSP-Conlutas representing the Federation at the meeting, it is necessary to make all efforts to build a great National Strike.

“Temer is saying that the reform fights privileges, which is a shameless lie. We need to be clear with workers about it ending our right to retire. Thus, it is a task for all the Federations to put all efforts to build a new day of stoppages all over the country. And it has to start now, as we have few days,” he said.

Mancha also recalled that on November 28 there is a Federal Employees’ demonstration in Brasilia. They are part of the struggle against the Social Security reform and in defense of rights, and it should be supported by all Federations.[1]


São Paulo, November 24, 2017

Federations call for a National Strike on December 5 against the Social Security reform and in defense of our rights

Gathered at the headquarters of the Força Sindical, on Friday the 24th of November, the Federations CUT, Força Sindical, UGT, CTB, New Federation, CSB, Intersindical, CGTB, and CSP-Conlutas voted for a General Strike on December 5, against the new proposal presented by the government of dismantling the Social Security.

The Federations call all union bodies and social movements to organize a wide mobilization process among the rank and file – events, assemblies, debates, and other activities – as part of the organization of a General Strike, on D5, against the proposal of reform of the Social Security that ends with the right of retirement for all Brazilian workers.

The Federations demand the National Congress to stop messing with the workers’ rights!


[1] Statement is from November 24, before the Federal Employees’ demonstration took place.