Municipal elections are coming while the strikes and struggles for Out with Temer continue to grow all over the country, what proves the disposition of struggle of the workers and the youth, and the possibility of constructing a general strike to defeat Temer and the tax adjustment through the unification of struggles.



After Dilma’s impeachment, a new political conjuncture opened in the country. The government and the bourgeoisie did not manage to establish the situation, as they wanted to. The new government, result of the impeachment, is a fragile government. There was a release of forces, which is now detonating a general process that confronts Temer’s government directly. Today, 90% of the population wants elections now.

Out with Temer, out with all of them!

Today, however, the demonstrations for the Out with Temer are still not massive. Part of this has to do with the policy of the PT, which tries to channel the process through the elections, aiming to strengthen Lula’s candidature for 2018. This causes the mistrust of many, as they do not want to be manipulated by the PT. To defeat Temer, it is necessary to build a General Strike, and a democratic and real unity of action; not to struggle against an alleged coup, neither to benefit the PT electorally. On the other hand, the Out with Temer can become massive after the announcement of the social security and labour reforms.

The ones who affirm there was a coup and the opening of a reactionary situation are mistaking. The country lives the deepening of the situation opened with the major demonstrations of June 2013. There are strikes and demonstrations everywhere. Strikes like the one of the bank workers, like the Struggle Day of the public workers in Brasilia, and the teachers’ stoppage on the 22nd, as much as the metal workers’ stoppage on the 29th –with the adhesion of construction workers and other sectors, pose the possibility of constructing a unified stoppage.

The 29th can be the first step towards a National Day of Strike of all workers in October. This movement does not only confront the reforms, as it poses Out with Temer as part of the agenda.

It is essential to demand from the leaderships of the movement, specially the Força Sindical and the CUT, to propose a date of National Strike with demonstrations in October, against Temer’s government and the attacks to the retirement and labour reforms.



Municipal Elections: Struggle and vote 16!

The social and political crisis, as much as the workers’ discontent, are expressed in the electoral campaign, even distortedly. There is a major repudiation to the politicians and the corruption. This is why Lula’s speech caused revolt when he said the politicians, ‘no matter how much they robbed, they are more honest than the Public Services workers’.

The elections are a marked cards game. The few time the PSTU has on TV and the low amount of money put us in a situation of extreme inequality. But the existence of PSTU candidates from South to North of the country offers a socialist option of struggle. Our campaign is in the factories, in the construction works; among black people, LGBTs and working women.

The PT candidates are hiding the star, Dilma, and even Lula. And the PSOL does not even drive a classist, anti-capitalist or socialist campaign. The PSOL is limited to defend the “radicalization of democracy” or even explicit capitalist or liberal proposals, like the defense by Luciana Genro (PSOL-RS) of the Public-Private Partnerships [PPPs] under “public control”.

Our campaign is different. Our workers’, socialist program defends a workers’ government based on Popular Councils, and we defend the “Out with Temer, Out with all of them”. Such is the necessary program for the workers to move forward with the mobilization, in their consciousness and the organization.

For all of this, we call you to struggle and vote for a proposal to strengthen the working class and youth struggle. To change all of that: Out with Temer, out with all of them, “against the bourgeois, struggle and vote 16”!


Editorial of Opinião Socialista nº 525.

Translation: Sofia Ballack.