On March 8, 2019 there were huge demonstrations.

By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup

In Uruguay it was the largest demonstration ever. The streets of Montevideo were taken by demonstrators.

In Argentina, on top of huge demonstrations, teachers were on strike.
In Chile, where the struggle for women’s rights have been very strong, thousands and thousands took the streets of Santiago.

In Brazil there were demonstrations in more than 40 cities, the largest one in Sao Paulo, where municipal teachers, predominantly made of women workers, were on a 35-day strike against the social security reform.

A working-class oriented feminist movement is developing in Latin America. They believe that the struggle for women’s rights is a struggle of all the working class, female and male workers all together.

In other parts of the world there are examples of the intersection of labor and women rights.

In Spain there were some partial strikes among public workers.
In Lebanon, some hundreds took the streets of Beirut and one of their main demands was for the rights of foreign domestic workers.

CSP-Conlutas stands for women’s rights and it is proud to have the MML (Movimento Mulheres em Luta), a working class women movement, affiliated to it.

CSP-Conlutas believes that it is necessary to unite labor, people’s and social movements in order to bring about worker’s power, which is the only way to end all means of exploitation and oppression.