All eight Labor Federations called for one-day general strike in Brazil for this Friday, June 14.

By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup

Brazilian working class oppose both the social security reform and Education budget cuts drafted by president Jair Bolsonaro administration.
Hundreds of mass meetings are being held across the nation allowing rank-and-file workers to decide whether to join the general strike or not.
President Bolsonaro committed himself to accept individual amendments for the national budget of R$ 40 million (US$ 10 million) for each member of parliament who votes for the social security reform.
The draft of the reform will be announced this Thursday, June 13.
Meanwhile, a new crisis emerged around anti-corruption “car-wash” operation.
The website “The Intercept Brasil” led by world-famous journalist Glenn Greenwald brought to the public leaked Telegram messages exchanged between Judge Sergio Moro and Public Prosecutors exposing their cooperation what is illegal under Brazilian law.
The fact is that there are 415 politicians from 26 political parties that got bribes from main corporations but just a handful of them have been punished up to now.
This crisis among the powerful Brazilian elite may be useful for the development of workers’ resistance.
This is the first general strike in Brazil since president Bolsonaro is in office.
CSP-Conlutas believes that the general strike will be critical to fight back both the social security reform and public Education budget cuts.