The Hillsborough campaigns had a lot of support in Britain, not only Liverpool where 2,000 stood outside St George’s Hall in Liverpool on Wednesday night to hear speeches about the result of the panel enquiry into the deaths. The names of 96 people who died in 1989 were read out and displayed on an electronic board and at the end all (red – Liverpool and blue – Everton) sang “You Will never Walk Alone”.

The publication of the independent panel of enquiry’s report into the disaster of 1989 finally exonerates the victims of that disaster.  The report vindicates the 23 year long campaign by the families of the 96 victims, the survivors of the tragedy and their many supporters. Their justice campaign has finally forced the authorities to disclose the truth about the terrible events that took place in the Hillsborough Football Stadium.

The panel’s report proved that:

· South Yorkshire Police and the ambulance service made “strenuous attempts to deflect blame” for the deaths of 96 Liverpool supporters onto the fans.

· Police carried out criminal record checks on the deceased in an attempt to “impugn their reputations”.

· Senior officers privately discussed the “animalistic behaviour” of “drunken marauding fans”.

· Up to 41 could have survived if medical attention had been given, the original inquest prohibited any consideration concerning what happened after 3.15pm on the day.

· 116 of the 164 South Yorkshire Police statements were doctored to remove unfavourable comments.

· No evidence to support police account that fans were drunk and aggressive.

· Margaret Thatcher expressed concern in Cabinet that the first inquiry into the disaster contained ‘devastating criticism of the police’.

· The weight placed on blood alcohol levels among the dead was ‘inappropriate’.

· The Sun’s allegations originated from police and a local MP.

The revelations of the report shows that the 96 were not only victims of a terrible and avoidable tragedy but also of a disgraceful cover up of the real causes of that tragedy by the government, the police and other agencies. It is vital the struggle continues to ensure that all those who were actually responsible for the deaths of the 96, the injuries and trauma to many others and for the cover up are brought to justice and held responsible for the deaths they caused.

The sales of the SUN (a Murdoch owned newspaper) have never recovered in Liverpool since 1989. They said four days after the tragedy: THE TRUTH – Liverpool fans had urinated on rescue workers and police officers and pick pocketed the dead fans.

{module Propaganda 30 anos}The International Socialist League salutes the families of the 96 and the survivors for their courageous campaign to expose the truth and their continuing struggle for justice. Active support should continue throughout the labour movement and their campaign given all necessary support. We send them our warmest wishes and our condolences.

All those who are responsible for the 96 deaths and all those who deliberately covered up what happened should be put on trial and punished.

Justice for the 96!