He left us his political and theoretical legacy: his obsession in creating bonds between revolutionary Marxism and the working class. And he left us the international organization he founded, the IWL-FI (International Workers’ League – Fourth International).

Today, in the middle of a brutal economic crisis, when millions of workers and youth from Middle East, Latin America, Europe and the U.S. itself are struggling against the attacks of imperialism and its governments, to make the legacy known is essential.

This is also the 100 year anniversary of the #RussianRevolution, and from the #PSTU and the #IWL-FI we want you to be part of the tribute to #30YearsWithoutMoreno.

Tribute in Buenos Aires

Saturday, February the 4th – 5 pm

Hotel Bauen: 360 Av. Callao, Room Libertador Simón Bolivar (Ground Floor)

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Make part of the campaign and help us diffuse using the hashtag #30AñosSinMoreno / #30YearsWithoutMoreno