It is time to call a rebellion and defense of a Socialist project!


The PT and its allies parties, like the PSOL, say that we are seeing a “reactionary wave” in the country. According to them, the poor and middle class turned to the right, there is a growth of Fascism, and the working class has no disposal to struggle. It all allegedly started after the “coup” against Dilma.
PSTU Editorial – Opinião Socialista 552.
With Lula’s sentence and prison for corruption, the speech is that we now need a “democratic front” with the PT.
Not even the PT leadership buys the story of coup and Fascism. So much they do not believe this that they re-edit the alliance with the so-called “pro-coup” from MDB, outside the country. The truth is that what we are living in Brazil today is the expression of a major economic, social crisis; a crisis of the rich’s democracy, and increasing outrage, revolt and disposal to struggle among the working class and the periphery.
The crisis is so deep that it divides “the ones above,” the bourgeoisie, whose sectors fight each other for the control of the State and the treasure. Governments and bosses double the attacks against the working class and the population to increase the exploitation and overcome the crisis. This means massive unemployment, labor reform, attempt to reform the Social Security, military intervention in Rio, destruction of public services… in sum, a social war against the working class.
But workers are not defensive. In 2017, we carried out the greatest general strike of the country, determinant to defeat the Social Security reform. We did not defeat the labor reform only because the block of conciliation with the bourgeoisie, led by the PT and union bureaucracies, dismantled the construction of a new general strike. And all of that in the name of “Temer stays,” suffocating the investigations for corruption on the PT, PMDB, PSDB, and for electoral interests.
Recently, we saw a strong strike of public workers in São Paulo that defeated Dória. Now, it is the teachers from Minas Gerais against Pimentel (PT). The execution of Marielle unleashed a wave of demonstrations outside the borders of the country. It lit the spark of rebellion, showing that the outrage is growing from below.
Sadly, the PT and PSOL prefer to bet on electoral actions instead of strikes, struggles and rebellion. This is the real division in the country: on one side, workers and the people attacked, suffering capitalist barbarianism, outraged and struggling; on the other, governments, bankers and great businessmen, the corrupt Congress and the reformist leadership, tied to the current order. Those are the two “fields,” and not the fake, distorted polarization between the two bourgeois fields on the top – the PDSB block, and the block allied with the PT, Renan [Calheiros], Sarney, Coteminas, etc, and even the Bolsonaro & cia. fraction.
The real polarization is social, a class struggle, and it is radicalizing and gaining experience among the ones below while becoming more authoritarian regarding the political regime and extreme-right sectors. Authoritarianism from the State increases to impose social control, aiming to avoid rebellions – such is the case of the military intervention in Rio.
To change this country for real, it is necessary to unite workers, the working class and poor people, independently from the bourgeoisie. Unite the ones below to defeat the ones above. Knock Temer and the corrupt Congress down, this justice of the rich ones, and build a socialist workers’ government, based on popular councils. A government to end the social captivity, expropriate a bunch of millionaire and the less than 500 companies that control over 60% of everything that is produced in the country.
The PT and its allies act to avoid the independent mobilization and organization of the working class. They have an electoral project of alliance with the bourgeoisie, that keeps the bankers, agribusiness, multinationals and major supermarket networks intact.
Before this huge crisis, after ruling the country for 14 years and ending up mired in corruption scandals, the PT tries to save itself saying that it would revoke Temer’s measures and that the solution is through elections, with a new term of Lula. But the “authors” of their program for government tell the bankers and announce in the press that they will implement the Social Security reform, pay the public debt, and if they are elected, they will guarantee a “social peace.”
We need and must build unity to fight in defense of our rights, for employment and for democratic freedoms. Also, we need to organize self-defense against para-military groups, extreme-right groups, and the Police. To demand justice for Marielle, too. But we cannot tie the working class to a bourgeois project, capitalist, electoral and of conciliation with the bourgeoisie, led by the PT and disguised as a “front against Fascism” to actually defend Lula from the choices he made himself.
It is time to call a rebellion and defense of a Socialist Project!


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