Sat Oct 01, 2022
October 01, 2022

Israeli Orchestra Is Met By Protests In Brazil

Arab and Brazilian activists demonstrated on August 20,2018 in front of São Paulo Concert Hall when the Zionist Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra performed.
Victorios Shams, August 21, 2018
The orchestra carried out performances in Argentina before arriving in Brazil for concerts in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, finally moving to Peru and Chile.
Activists considered it an unacceptable step toward cultural normalization with a racist State that practices murder and criminality on a daily basis against the Palestinian people.
Palestinian activist Dr. Issam Issa said:
“We are present here as Palestinians and our allies from the Brazilian leftwing to take a stand in front of the São Paulo Concert Hall where the Zionist orchestra is holding a concert to beautify their racist image and deceive the Brazilian people.
Nevertheless the Brazilian people understand this anti-Palestinian propaganda, this backlash against the Palestinians and their rights.
By peaceful and civilized means we reply to this backlash which will be a failure.
Our struggle also coincides with the internal political election battle in Brazil to make independent and democratic thought prevail over Zionism.
We hope that the results will be in the interest of the Brazilian people, in the interest of freedom, against racism and against the global capital that tries to convert Brazil into a settlement of both the United States and the Zionist movement.”
Another Palestinian declared:
“I live here in Sao Paulo. We are holding a rally in front of São Paulo Concert Hall because we are against cultural normalization.
Here a Zionist orchestra is performing today.”

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