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December 05, 2023

Israel Strengthen The Siege on Gaza

The State of Israel begins work on a sea barrier in the North of Gaza Strip.

By Soraya Misleh,

August 8, 2018
The barrier will reinforce the dramatic blockage the Strip has been under for 11 years.

The construction was decided in 2014 after Israeli shelling and bombardment on Gaza for 51 days killing 2,200 Palestinians, 530 children included.

It is estimated to cost US$ 833 million.
Its conclusion is due to this year.
The construction will consist of several layers under and above the water, made of stone and barbed wire and with an additional fence.
Its goal is to prevent any access to Gaza by sea.
The tremendous humanitarian crisis which nearly 2 million Gazans live will eventually get worse.
Nevertheless the March of Return shows that the Palestinians keep their struggle for justice and freedom.
*** Soraya Misleh is a Palestinian-Brazilian journalist. She writes a weekly report on Palestine for Socialist Perspective video news on the Arab world from the perspective of the working class produced by PSTU (IWL-FI Brazilian Section)

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