The civil war in Syria between the genocide regime of Bashar Assad and the rebel forces fighting against the dictatorship is still underway.

Recently, international press has informed that a research commission of the UNO reported that Syrian government had about 11 000 political prisoners (including children) tortured and killed. This is just another proof of the fact that the Assad dictatorship is prepared to cling on no matter what.

At the same time, within the liberated territories under the control of the rebels a “second front” has been opened with ever-increasing combats between the rebel forces of Free Syrian Army and the forces known as “Jihadists” of the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). In the liberated territories, this organisation linked to Al Qaeda, does not fight against the Assad forces; it does attack the rebels to impose an “Islamic State”; in this way they act as a veritable fifth column in favour of the regime.

These combats between the rebels and the ISIS clearly belie the deceit of the accusations of the dictatorship and the complicity of the world Castro-Chavist trend saying that there is no “real revolution” against the bloodthirsty dictatorship and that the rebels are controlled by the so-called “Jihadists”.

The attacks on Yarmouk

Yarmouk is the main refugee camp of the Palestinians in Damascus, the capital of Syria. It was founded in 1957 as an outcome of the deportation of the Palestinian people when the State of Israel was created. It once hosted 250 000 people between the Palestinian refugees and the Syrian inhabitants and turned Yarmouk into an important neighbourhood of Damascus.

Since March 2011, when the revolution began, important political unrest began inside the neighbourhood and opposing cells began to act. Strong polarisation between the defenders of the regime (mainly linked to the Palestine FPLP-General Command) and its opponents.

This situation rapidly gave room for the regime to impose hedge the camp in and started systematic bomb raids, killing hundreds of Palestinians. While this was possible, a part of the population managed to flee from Yarmouk and join the painful exodus of more than 9 million Syrians who had to abandon their homes because of the war. Those who remained in the neighbourhood have to put up with an absolute siege that has been there for the past seven months and prevent any food, medicines to get in or for any sick people to get out.  There is neither any drinking water nor electricity and air raids (lately with barrels of explosives) are permanent. The camp remained under the control of the Local Coordination Committee and the forces of the Free Syrian Army.

This criminal hedge caused between 20 and 50 cases of starvation according to UN, but there must be more than that. In spite of the desperate situation, the main Palestinian leaders have kept silence and did practically nothing. Now they are rehearsing a “neutrality” discourse “against the sides” in the war but the fact is that they demand the disarmament of the revolutionaries inside the camp (coincidently with Assad’s demand) with the argument that, yielding to this point, humanitarian aid would come in. In the real life this would mean handing the camp over to the Assad forces and doubtlessly the worsening of murders.

However, in and out of Syria, there are activists and organisations who demand that the regime is to lift the siege unconditionally. It is hinging round this point that they summon for a day of solidarity with Yarmouk.

The local committee of Yarmouk has summoned for the 25th of January as a “day of solidarity and struggle” against the terrible conditions that the regime of al-Assad forces on to its inhabitants.

This may mean a strong joint action. The IWL sections are to take part and boost these activities. The IWL sections must boost the actions and participate in them in as unitary an action as possible (calling on political organisations, organisations of human rights, trade unions, students’ centres, etc.) summoning by Face book and its pages, organising  our columns and expressing our support.

We shall participate in these rallies from a standpoint of unconditional solidarity with Yarmouk, as part of the defence of the Syrian revolution and of the Palestinian cause as a whole.

We propose:

Stop the criminal Yarmouk siege!

Out with Bashar al-Assad!

For the victory of the Syrian revolution!

For the victory of the Palestinian cause! For a secular, democratic and non-racist Palestinian state! Destruction of the State of Israel!