The genocidal nature of the ferocious attacks of the Israeli army against Gaza, Western Bank and Lebanon place the need for great united demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese people to put an end to the atrocities and for the immediate withdrawal of the troops.

 In different cities of the world, such demonstrations have already been held and the IWL-FI militants encouraged them actively and took part in them. But in this article we wish to tackle a much deeper issue which is bound to divide waters among those who have so far demonstrated together: the need to destroy the State of Israel as a condition for peace in Palestine and Middle East.


In this edition of International Courier as well as in a previous one (see IC 116, February 2006), we have analysed that the State of Israel was founded on two combined two characteristics. On the one hand, it is a colonial enclave, that is to say, it is the result of the usurpation of the historic Palestinian territory by Jewish settlers coming from different parts of the world more often than not by means of terrorist methods of dislodgment. This usurpation was encouraged by the imperialist powers (England first, USA later on) and the world Zionist organisation, and was legalised by the UN in 1947. Later on, the usurpation engulfed even larger extensions of the territory.


On the other hand, this colonial enclave became a “gendarme state” armed to their back teeth and in the service of imperialism. That is to say: a veritable fortress the military power of which is aimed, firstly against the Palestinian people and secondly as a constant jeopardy to the struggle of the Arab peoples. It no coincidence that Bush always speaks of Israel as “our strategic ally” in the Middle East.


This character of the Zionist state (colonial military enclave for imperialism) is the main source of the permanent military conflict situation existing. It has nothing to do with conflicts born out of hatred between peoples and their impossibility of living “in peace”, as Imperialism and friends of Zionism would like to make us believe. Because of its essence, Israel can only survive as a racist state, permanent repressor and genocide. The current simultaneous aggressions in Palestine and in Lebanon are evidence for this fact. Even those who used to defend the existence of a Jewish Gendarme State, as did the Argentine Peace Nobel Prize, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, in 1980, today assert that Israel is a “terrorist state” (Clarín 14/7/2006)


For a Secular, Democratic and Non-Racist Palestine  


For all the above reasons we assert that there can be no peace in the Middle East if the State of Israel is not destroyed as there could not have been, for example, in South Africa unless the racist state of Apartheid was destroyed first, or in Algiers of the 1980s before the French colonial domination was destroyed.


In the 1960s and 1970s, the recently founded Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), that unified most of the political organisations of that people, posed in an absolutely correct manner, the need to destroy the State of Israel in order to recover their historical territory and to build a Secular, Democratic and Non-Racist Palestine. It is there where the millions of Palestinian refugees and émigrés would be able to return; it is there where all the Jews willing to cohabit in peace would be able to go on living just as for centuries Jews had cohabited in the Arab world. This demand of the PLO became the joint patrimony of the world left .




Unfortunately, in 1980, Yaser Arafat and the leadership of the PLO abandoned this demand and adopted the proposal of the “two states”. That is to say, the acceptation of the existence of the State of Israel and the creation of a “Palestinian mini state”, unviable from the geographic and economic point of view. The old Arab bourgeois nationalist leaderships, such a Nasserism, also arrived at agreements with Israel.


This desertion from PLO?s foundational demand was followed also, unfortunately, by most of the world left. They actually adopted the positions of “left Zionism”, and in this way, capitulated to the proposals of European imperialism.


On the other hand, this capitulation by the secular Arab nationalist trends and of the left opened room for Islamic fundamentalism who maintained the demand for the destruction of the State of Israel and called to fight it, such as Hamas or Hezbollah, and so have gained massive weight. These trends proposed that, once Israel is destroyed, a Palestinian state of theocratic character be built, which would clearly stand for a step back from the old PLO position. But the step back is not to be blamed on the Arab masses but on the “progressive” trends and the left that has forsaken the struggle.


A concrete discussion


The need to destroy the State of Israel is not an abstract and theoretical discussion. It is on the real-life agenda and immediate action for there is a war underway and there are military forces in combat against the Zionist army and attacking Israeli cities.


World left-wing organisation must clearly respond to the following questions: Are we or are we not for the current war to develop until the Zionist army and the State of Israel are annihilated? Are we or are we not for the activities of Hezbollah, Hamas and of the Islamic Yihad to accrue and become increasingly effective against the colonial Israeli enclave? Do we or do we not agree to demand from the Arab government, whatever their characteristic, to intervene in this war so as to facilitate the destruction of the State of Israel?

Those who will answer negatively have already ceased to be revolutionaries to turn into, as Lenin put it, “mere petty bourgeois pacifists”. On our part, we hereby assert our positive response: we stand by the Palestinian, Lebanese and Arab masses for the destruction of the Sate of Israel. And yet, unlike the Islamic fundamentalist trends, our stand stems out of the foundational demand of the PLO: Secular, Democratic and Non-Racist Palestine.