Following a pattern that reminds the action of the Nazis at the gates of the Warsaw Ghetto, the Israeli government seeks the death of millions of Palestinians of hunger or illnesses and so to reach their target.


We cannot remain inert in the face of this new genocidal action of Israel on the Gaza Strip. That is why it is necessary to develop a great international campaign of solidarity and support for the Palestinian people of this territory to break the blockade and to force Israel to pull it down. We believe that it is also necessary to demand that the Egyptian government should open the frontier with Gaza permanently and provide the Palestinians that cross over to Egypt with all the elements they need to survive.


The IWL-FI also calls to demand from the governments of all the countries to respond the criminal Israeli action to decree boycott of export to Israel until the end of the blockade on Gaza. Trade union actions deciding such actions are very important.


Some first such demonstrations have already began to crop up in Spain with rallies and marches to be held in different cities of that country and also in Argentina and other countries. We also hail the joint action of Palestinians and Israelis to uphold this demand. We should spread these examples to the entire world.


All the workers organisations and left organisations and those that regard themselves as democratic and humanitarian should participate in this call to break the Israeli blockade and save the lives of thousands of Palestinians.


Let us break the criminal Israeli-Egyptian blockade!


Solidarity and support for the people in Gaza!


International Secretariat of the ILW-FI

Sao Paulo, 31 January 2008