During the meeting on Monday 5, in São Paulo, the leaders of the Federations voted June 30 as the new date for the General Strike against the Labor and Social Security reforms, and against outsourcings.


Beyond the CSP-Conlutas, the CUT, Força Sindical, UGT, CTB, Nova Central, CGTB, Intersindical, CSB and A. Public – Central do Servidor were also present. The mobilization schedule defined by the Federations contemplates also assemblies, plenaries, and meetings from June 6 to June 23, as the construction process of the Strike, plus events and agitations on the 20 as a “preview” of the 30.

The CSP-Conlutas defended a General Strike for 48 h., but there was no consensus among the Federations. We think this is sad, but we adhere to the call for a great Generak Strike on the 30th,” said Luiz Carlos Prates, Mancha, who was part of the meeting. “We call all of our members, unions and movements to go out to the streets and help prepare the Strike to take down Temer’s reforms and government”, he added.

A new meeting took place on June 7 to organize the Strike and demonstrations during the month of June.