Sun Sep 25, 2022
September 25, 2022

European Law Condemns Immigrants to Death

More than 300 immigrants drowned in the Mediterranean, 500 meters from the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The European Commission says is very concerned about the growth of fascist parties in Europe and the authoritarian measures adopted by governments like Hungary. But what the European Commission does not say is that these facts do not arise from nothing, they have as support their own European guidelines, including the legislation criminalizing non-consensual immigration, called “illegal.”

The anti-immigrant legislation extends to the countries of the European Union (EU), including Italy, where it is a crime to help immigrants without legal documentation, even if their life would be in danger.

That’s why more than 300 migrants died on October 3, in the Mediterranean, 500 meters from the Italian island of Lampedusa. The boat they were in caught fire, which forced more than 500 immigrants, mostly Eritreans and Somalis, to throw up overboard. Three fishing boats witnessed the tragedy and did nothing to help the castaways, possibly for fear of being accused, as has already been occurred, of collaboration with illegal immigration.

Racist, reactionary and xenophobic Laws

This cruelty is caused by a fascist legislation designed to prevent poor immigrants to come to Europe and unbalance the industrial reserve army, called unemployment, within the European capitalism. Before the crisis, immigration was regulated so that the immigrants were transformed in an illegal, cheap and vulnerable manpower for the needs of different national bourgeoisies. Now, with the crisis and unemployment, the governments and the EU do not want immigrants at all, and don’t hesitate to condemn them to death.

Since 1988 at least 19,142 people drowned – according to the blog Fortress Europe – trying to cross the Mediterranean fleeing poverty and war in their countries. Shortly before the latest tragedy, the Council of Europe accused Italy of not effectively preventing the entry of immigrants, that is, due to the ineffectiveness of their policies of “deterrence”.

Now, the Italian and European politicians show moved faces before the cameras, but discuss ways to avoid the problem behind them, that is, to prevent more immigrants being closer to the Italian coast that could create them more problems. Since the beginning of this year until September 30, according to the United Nations, 30,100 people arrived in Italy by sea, including Somalis, Eritreans and 7,500 Syrians who have fled the war in their country.

The solution

Immigration can’t be treated as if the immigrant were a criminal. The immigrant is a worker seeking survival and/or a better life, and has every right to it. The bourgeoisie and their imperialist governments, who do not hesitate to continuously exploit their former colonies – such as Somalia and Eritrea – a former Italian colony – keeping them in a semi-colonial status (relative political independence and full economic dependence) are the real criminals.

The solution to immigration is the same for all workers: end the exploitation and borders, and create a society in which everyone has equal rights.

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