The indefinite hunger strike of about 1000 Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey and Turkish Kurdistan continues, and support is increasing. Every single day there is an support action. At the end of October a widespread sympathy strike of Shop workers, Transport workers and students in Turkish Kurdistan was organised. In at least one city, Van, as many as 90 % supported it. 

The hunger strikers are demanding the use of the Kurdish language in schools and courts. They want students to be educated in their native language and other minorities to have the same right. They also insist on freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the end of his solitary confinement. 

The worst clashes between the protestors and the police have occurred at Diyarbakır (Amed in Kurdish) and in Istambul, where millions of Kurds live. Students in many universities are demonstrating in support of the hunger strikers and have been attacked by the police officers. 

{module Propaganda 30 anos – BRASIL}Members of the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) and young Kurdish PKK militants are demonstrating in town centres and some members of socialist Turkish parties (those not banned) are on hunger strike in support. The Socialist Press supporters occupied, by one day, Taksim and Galatasaray Squares, central squares in the largest city, Istambul.

In a speech in Berlin, Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, claimed, according to Reuters, that the protestors are being manipulated by ‘terrorists’. But he is the one manipulating the Turkish people in trying to deny there is a serious hunger strike. Turkey’s justice minister did officially admit that hundreds of prisoners were on hunger strike, although he had visited several prisons to meet the strikers’ spokespeople. 

We, as the Turkish section of IWL-FI, fully support this heroic resistance of Kurdish prisoners and people. We affirm once more that we shall never cease doing our utmost to further the struggles of the Kurdish people for national democratic rights.