Former Peruvian president Alan Garcia killed himself on April 17, 2019 after his arrest order was issued.

CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup
April 24, 2019

Garcia together with 3 other Peruvian presidents – Alejandro Toledo, Ollanta Humala and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski are under probe on corruption charges for millionaire wrongdoings with Brazilian building corporation Oderbrecht.
Oderbrecht operates in 28 countries where it hires 160,000 workers.
Two years ago, Oderbrecht managers confessed they had delivered US$ 788 million in bribes to top leaders in 12 countries: Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.
In Brazil, around 300 top politicians and judges got bribes from Oderbrecht including the current president of the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF), Judge Dias Toffoli according to Oderbrecht managers.