Tue Nov 29, 2022
November 29, 2022

CSP – Conlutas starts a campaign for the end of the UN occupation troops in Haiti.

CSP – Conlutas – a Brazilian Popular and Trade Unions Federation has started a campaign for the end of the UN occupation troops in Haiti, the MINUSTAH. It is an important campaign in solidarity with the Haitian workers and people, at a time when the Martelli’s new government who, besides  completely conniving in the occupation, initiates a fierce repression of the social movements that fight against Haiti occupation. Martelli’s government has also considered the returning of the Macoute Army, one of the old paramilitary groups that used to intimidate Haitian people in the past.

Support for this petition can be sent to the following email: [email protected]  until November 20th  when a CSP – Conlutas delegation will be travelling to Haiti to provide them political solidarity. We also ask for a widespread dissemination of this petition.

Support the end of military occupation of Haiti

We, the undersigned, demand the immediate withdrawal of the UN occupation troops in Haiti. Since the beginning all the states that joined the UN mission in Haiti have supported a shameful policy of colonialism, racism and of economic and military domination of the Haitian people just to ensure the interests of large multinational companies and American imperialism.

We have seen over the past 07 years, attacks on democratic rights, arrests and repression against the Haitian people, as well as the rape of women and children.

Now, with the Martelly’s government the local instruments for repression, intimidation and domination of the Haitian people are back, such as the paramilitary groups of Tonton Macoutes used to be.

It has also been thought about rebuilding the old Macoute Army. In other words, the Macoutes’ dictatorship is back, now strengthened by the return of Baby Docto Haitias a government counselor.

This is only possible because of the presence of the UN occupation troops and its policy of preventing the sovereignty and organization rights of the Haitian people, behind the pretext of humanitarian aid. Examples of it includes recent cases of dismissal of union leaders of the newly founded Union SOTA, arrests of activists in demonstrations, new cases of rape and murder, always with the direct participation or at least connivance of the occupation troops.

Therefore we demand: 

Reemployment of union officials of  SOTA Union and the recognition of their role as file and rank representatives by the employer;

For the right to Union organization and unionization in Haiti;

End repression of the Haitian people and workers in particular;

Down with the neo-duvalierist dictatorship of Martelly;

End the military occupation of Haiti;

Down with MINUSTAH!

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