Dear Brothers and Sisters.

The CSP-Conlutas, a Brazilian new Labour Federation, endorsed your call to join the BDS campaign in the meeting of our national coordination held last year.

We had been always involved in building solidarity with Palestine in the protests against the 2008-2009 Israeli war on Gaza, and the struggle against the Free Trade Agreement between Israel and Mercosur endorsed by the Brazilian government.

After joining the BDS campaign we sent a representative to Palestine for the Education World Forum in 2010 and to the Beirut Anti-Apartheid week in 2011, we joined the protests in solidarity with the Arab Revolutions held in 4 cities in Brazil, and currently, together with Palestinian Solidarity Committees, we are working with the BDS campaign to denounce the Free Trade Agreement and the presence of Israeli companies operating in Brazil like Elbit Systems and Strauss Coffee.

Please keep us informed of all activities to end the occupation of Palestine, for equal rights to the Palestinians and for the right of return for all refugees.

Solidarity, Dirceu Travesso

CSP-Conlutas Brazil

Sao Paulo, April 8th 2011