CSP-Conlutas approves the call to a General Strike

Paralisação dos caminhoneiros na Rodovia Presidente Dutra, no Rio de Janeiro.

The National Coordination of the Unions and Popular Federation CSP-Conlutas, main instance of decision, met on May 25, 2018, before the current strikes in the country and specifically the great truckers’ strike. We make a statement to the working class, other Federation and the society as a whole: the CSP-Conlutas supports the truckers’ strike, repudiates the Army intervention, and makes a call to a General Strike.

Unity of all Federations!

Truckers have been on strike for a week now. The mobilization has the country stopped and got important support by the population. The reduction of the fuel and gas prices is a demand of all. The Temer government policy of price liberation has as its goal the privatization of the Petrobras to deliver it to great foreign oil companies.
The government negotiated a proposal before the truckers’ demands, but it was rejected by the sector expanding the strike. Now, it gave green light to the Army to intervene in the strike and “deobstruct” the highways. This is unacceptable!
We call the Federations to meer immediately and take a categorical stand. It is necessary to stop the country, to increase the mobilization in support to the truckers, against the Army’s intervention. We need a General Strike to fight for an agenda that confronts the main workers’ problems.
-Reduction and freezing of fuel and kitchen-gas prices
-Defense of a 100% state Petrobras under workers’ control. No to the privatization of Eletrobras! No to privatizations!
-Against unemployment, reduction of the work shift to 36 hours a week without wage cut.
-Revoke the Labor Reform! We say NO to any Social Security reform!
-Out with Temer!
-The situation demands unity in struggle. Let’s unify the current strikes!
-Let’s organize demonstrations all over the country. All together with the truckers!


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