According to witnesses, on Friday evening, a group of 5 or 6 armed people broke into the office of the PSTU (United Socialist Workers’ Party) in the Comodoro Rivadavia city.

After producing disorder and breakages, having painted graffiti on the walls, they tried to set fire to the premises. Previous to that, they had already stolen computers and other valuables as well as documentation concerning the legalisation of the party and a number of certifications already obtained.

All this procedure indicated the aim of intimidating the hosts, proper to the gangs and bands belonging to the past. It is a clearly political attack that cannot be regarded out of the context of the political climate of the country, the province and away from the activity carried out by PSTU.

PSTU is known for the constant struggle wagged arm in arm with other fighters and organisations against the looting on our oil and mining by the multinationals, fighting for the nationalisation of natural resources, defence of sovereignty, workers’ rights, public education and health service and human rights in general as well as a definite independence of our country and for socialism. That is why these events cannot fail to be closely linked to the great oil and mining operators, who are now out to grab resources and workers. It is also unavoidable that workers will resist this offensive.

During our latest elections, PSTU carried out a campaign for workers’ vote for FIT (Left and Workers’ Front) and it was in this office, the only left in the city, the electoral task were centralised.

We demand that the national, provincial and municipal governments, together with the Justice, should take up an inquest into the matter and ensure punishment of all those liable for this incident – whether direct or indirect. We hold these authorities responsible for the security of the militants, affiliated members and premises of the party as well as for the popular political rights. For this purpose we are initiating proceedings with the corresponding authorities, such as the Home Ministry, Ministry of Justice and the National Secretariat of Human Right.

We summon all the organisations for the defence of democratic rights, political parties, trade unions and social organisations as well as personalities in the broadest sence to join us at rejecting this raid and claim for inquest and punishment.