Yemen New Protests In Al-Mahra

The Yemenites of Al-Mahra province demonstrated against the construction of a Saudi military basis this week according to Al-Jazeera. By Fabio Bosco, Al-Mahra is on the border with Oman. It has been under Saudi and Emirati military control since December 2017. 70% of all Yemenite imports come from Oman through that...

Yemen: Massacre Of Children Exposes Saudi War Atrocities

The Saudi-led military coalition shelled the Dahyan Market in the city of Saada, Yemen, last August 9, 2018. By Fabio Bosco August 15, 2018 51 people died including 40 children who were in a school bus. Other 56 children out of 79 people were injured. The funeral was carried out on August 13. Saudi authorities...