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Brazil: union centrals announce general strike for June 14

In a symbolic vote, thousands of demonstrators who met in the Valley of Anhangabaú, Sao Paulo, this May 1st, approved the call made by unions for a General Strike against pension reform , on June 14. By: CSP-Conlutas The idea from now on is to start organizing the general strike with...

The happy Chile of businessmen and the government VS The real Chile of the workers

In March the UN (United Nations Organization) published that Chile is the happiest country in South America and the third in Latin America. Previously  a study published that Chile is the country with the highest wealth per capita in Latin America. However, U.N.’s assessment might be for businessmen and...

The “new” and “old” capitalism – part 2

The article of banker and economist André Lara Resende recently published  caused some "discomfort" in the team of investment fund executive and current Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes. A member of former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso's economic team and one of the idealizers of the Real Plan, Lara...

On the Events of April 30 in Venezuela

By: IWL Statement 1- There was an attempt of a coup d’etat in Venezuela led by Guaidó in alliance with Trump, Bolsonaro, Duque and Co. trying to take an air base with the support of a sector of the military and calling for the support of the Venezuelan masses. 2...

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