The No Austerity Coordination is organizing the First National Conference of delegates in the end of May.

The conference is open to any individuals or groups (trade unions, trade union bodies, struggle committees, associations, territorial assemblies) that agree that it is important to strengthen unity in struggle.

We are proposing that everyone who decided to participate reads and discusses the Statement of Principles which can be found on the website. There you can find a section with all the contributions of those who have decided to take part in the conference. For further information it is possible to access the website at: or write to [email protected].

On No Austerity’s website you can find all the material for the Conference on May 28th and 29th in Florence: the call for the Conference, Attendance Rules and Statement of Principles.

No Austerity develops, extends and surpasses the coordination role it used to play. In all these years, we have seen the joining of many combative unions, organizations and activists. They have commited all over the country to brave struggles for rights, protection in the job market and against social exclusion and marginalization. Struggles that we have supported with conviction, against the violence of the bosses’ system and its allies.

We have also developed solidarity and contributed with real struggles all over the world, organized by the International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggle. Together, we have denounced exploitation, speculation and austerity policies implemented by the world financial and economic oligarchies.

In all these years, we have not stopped spreading and coordinating demands. We have developed specific campaigns for the right to strike, against the shameful agreements on representation and against repression, with large support and participation.

In No Austerity, the specific defense of the rights of women is a major activity. It has brought an important component to the campaign, summarized in the definition, “Women in Struggle”. We have also joined immigrants (men and women) in their struggles, actively supporting them and opposing all forms of racism.

Undoubtedly, all this is not enough. We believe it is necessary for us to go from coordinating to leading struggles!

We claim the defense of fundamental rights of workers: decent wages, the right to strike, an equal national contract, a living minimum wage ensured for the unemployed. We demand quality public services and essential rights, such as housing, healthcare, education and transportation for all. We strongly unite against all forms of racism, xenophobia and chauvinism, and fight to provide the maximum democratic participation of workers and activists to contribute together in the definition of strategies and objectives.

Our goal is to build a wide front of anti-capitalist organizations to fight for a society without exploitation or social injustices. Not only a coordination of struggles, but a body with its own leadership and capacity of intervention in unions, social movements, civil and political fields.

Given that, our first task is communication: meeting with students, workers, unemployed, users, movements and organizations in the coming months to rebuild and spread class unity consciousness, and the essential need to fight against the systematic abuse of people and resources.

We will continue opposing the unity of struggles as vital, against the hegemonic onslaughts, currently affecting the labour as much as the political sphere. We believe unions, political parties and social organizations are tools to answer people’s call and fight for their primary needs, instead of prioritizing the interests of bodies and structures.

Based on these considerations, we tackle the First National Conference that will be held on May 28th and 29th of 2016 in Florence, that will define goals, organization models and identity of the new movement.


Contact and endorsement:

[email protected]


Translation: Mariana Soléo.