The premiere of the documentary Bread, Peace, and Land, directed by Martín García, approaching the Russian Revolution and its various lessons, was launched in several cities and countries.

Thousands of workers and labor, popular, and student activists have seen the documentary, which was thought as a tool to rescue the lessons of the October Revolution and apply them to the current challenges and struggles of the working class and all oppressed sectors. Also, the book of the documentary was launched, with the full testimonies of the protagonists.

We show here the images of some premieres, and of course, we invite all those who hadn’t seen the movie yet to assist the following exhibitions.

The documentary was launched in the III CSP-Conlutas Congress, in Sumaré, São Paulo, first, and the official launching to the public took place in the Law School of USP, center of São Paulo, with the presence of the director, protagonists, and the entire technical staff:


Launching in Buenos Aires, with more than 250 people, and also the presence of the director:


In Asunción, Paraguay, more than 100 comrades participated in the launching, in SITRANDE (ANDE Workers’ Labor Union):