Sat Oct 01, 2022
October 01, 2022

Brazil: Backlash Against Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

President Jair Bolsonaro announcement about recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel brought controversy.
CSP-Conlutas Communication Workgroup
On November 7, 2018 Brazilians living in the West Bank held a protest in front of Brazilian embassy in Ramallah.
Egyptian government cancelled an official visit of a Brazilian delegation led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aloisio Nunes schedule for November 8-11, 2018.
Qatari administration also sent a letter to Brazil expressing their concerns about Brazilian politics towards Jerusalem.
Brazilian businessmen have concerns about eventual reduction of exports due to eventual transfer of Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem.
The 22 Arab League countries are the second largest destiny of Brazilian food exports after China. In 2017, Brazil had a US$7.1 billion trade balance surplus. The trade balance with the State of Israel has a deficit of US$ 419 million.
Activists of the Front in Defense of Palestinian People met on November 8, 2018 and decide a set of actions to oppose the announcement.
They will reach out to both traditional allies like labor, people’s movements and progressive religious institutions, and the Arab-Brazilian chamber of commerce as well.

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