A testimony and a spreadsheet apprehended by the Federal Police, according to the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, show that the Bolsonaro campaign received money from the “orange-tree”2 of the Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antonio.


By Mariúcha Fontana.


Before the denounce, the Minister of Justice, Sérgio Moro, defended the chief, openly acting like Bolsonaro’s lawyer. From “heroe”1 of the struggle against corruption, he became the defender of the corrupt ones, and Minister of an authoritarian government who defends dictatorship, censorship and the torturers.

After acting like a thief-judge in the Lava Jato, as The Intercept showed, making part of the accusation and then throwing everything under the carpet, in arrangement with Dallagno3 and the Public Federal Ministry, now he plays as the defense lawyer of the Bolsonaro clan. The criminal organizations orbiting around Queiroz4 are something serious. They involve militias: mafia schemes linking the State, the Police, and politicians to organized crime and true death squads.

The The Intercept revelations demand suspicion on Moro and the removal of Dallagnol. Therefore, Lula should have his sentence annulled, and the right to a new, regular trial, respecting the due legal process, which implies him being freed from jail.


Democratic freedom and corruption

Two democratic issues


We stand against corruption, which is a democratic demand. And we defend democratic freedoms and individual guarantees, like the right of defense. We do not oppose one aspect to the other.

To defend a new trial for Lula, with the guarantees ensured by the law, cannot be understood as the defense of his innocence. We do not defend Lula’s innocence beforehand. On the contrary, we think that the PT governments were more than involved in corruption. What we do believe is that him, as any other person, has the right to a regular trial in the frames of the law, as we always said.

Extracts of notes and articles written since 2017 show coherence in this regard:

“It is not task of the working class to put their hands in the fire for Lula’s innocence, neither to impede his investigation and trial for the corruption denounces. Workers must demand for all corrupt and corrupted ones to be tried, and for Lula not to be, if there are denounces against him. (…) Without a doubt, he should have all rights and guarantees for his defense as any other person would have.”

“We have no illusion in this justice of the rich. If not, Rafael Braga almost half of the 700,000 prisoners in the country (most of them in jail without criminal records, without evidence and without trial) would not be in jail, and no Madame could send a domestic employee in jail for stealing a can of beans.”

 “We do not defend the bourgeois justice nor consider it impartial or exempt of despotism. But we do not believe that the rulers of the bourgeoisie cannot or should not be tried by it. To defend the opposite is to defend more impunity for the ones above. Another thing is to defend democratic freedoms, that we achieved by defeating the dictatorship: civil rights, freedom of expression, demonstration, organization and press, as well as individual guarantees, like the right of defense. On the contrary, workers have an interest in the preservation of democratic freedoms.”5

The denounces published by The Intercept attested that a trial according to the law was denied to Lula. Thus, we defend the annulment of his sentence and a new trial for him. But we differentiate this from defending his innocence beforehand. And we do this calling the attention to another democratic right posed in this debate: the democratic right of the population to not be robbed by their rulers and businessmen. It is the flag of combat to corruption, once raised by the PT itself.

The defense of broad impunity for everyone taken ahead by the PT and its satellites is a true mockery to the population in the country, especially the poorest ones. We need to investigate, trial and sentence all those guilty of this crime.


The campaign “Free Lula” is the defense of the PT governments


To defend democratic freedoms and the right to a regular trial for Lula – which implies he should not remain in jail, as well as to condemn the Lava Jato right now is one thing: it is part of the defense for democratic freedoms. Now, to participate in the campaign “Free Lula” is completely different.

The campaign “Free Lula” does not defend for Lula to have a due legal process but it is a campaign that certifies his innocence, defends the PT governments, the return to class conciliation governments and Lulismo, that covers up corruption and defends, in content, impunity.

The leadership and most part of the PSOL claim that this is a lie. But this is what the National Committee Free Lula passbook6 affirmed: “Lula’s persecution is political. Lula was the best president in the history of Brazil (…) as president, he fought inequality (…) like no one before in our History. He made of Brazil a country respected internationally. His way of ruling the country, with a project that transformed the reality of our people deeply, made many people uncomfortable. Dee down, such is the real reason for his persecution.”

The truth is that the PSOL and other currents that have as its core policy the construction of actions for “Free Lula” see themselves as part of the same Lulista field of class collaboration. They are his left-wing segment, among the limits of current order.

We, instead, keep the same stand we always had regarding the PT governments: they ruled for the bankers and big businessmen. Thus, we are not part of this campaign. This does not impede us from defending his democratic rights. But workers need to build an alternative on their own.


Published @ www.pstu.org.br

Translation: Sofia Ballack.




1Mocinhos”, Word used in the original language, is an expression related to the comics’ superheroes. – TN

2The PSL orange-tree”, laranjal in the original language, which includes the Minister of Tourism, is a corruption scheme involving fake candidatures inside the party, which generated a political crisis during the second month of the Bolsonaro administration. – TN

3 Deltan Dallagnol is a Brazilian judge, current Federal Attorney General, who won fame for integrating and coordinating the task-force of the Lava Jato Operation, investigating corruption crimes of the Petrobrás and other State companies.

4 Fabrício Queiroz is a Military Police Officer and former parliamentary assessor of Flávio Bolsonaro (son of the current president, Senator by Rio de Janeiro, and back-then State deputy). The Queiroz case refers to a political crisis generated from atypical movements in a Queiroz bank account when he was the driver and guard-man of Flávio Bolsonaro. – TN

5 No source in the original article. Our translation.

6 https://lulalivre.org.br/#https://lulalivre.org.br – Our translation.