Sat Oct 01, 2022
October 01, 2022

An International Revolutionary Youth Camp: Trotskyists, Youth And Workers.

A successful youth camp was held jointly by the Portuguese (MAS) and Spanish (CR) sections of the IWL attended by 120 members and sympathisers including members of the IWL from Belgium (LCT), the International Socialist League in Britain and a young Spanish miner.

In an atmosphere of comradeship, Marxist theory was discussed in relation to important questions on capitalism, Stalinism, the oppression of women, religion and alienation.

We discussed Marx’s theory wage labour, which reduces the worker to a mere slave of his employer, as they appropriate the workers’ labour power. Only through revolution, the collectivisation of the means of production under workers’ power, could control of their work and lives be regained in organising the economy to make it serve the people. In this way full employment can be achieved by reducing working hours thus freeing up time for culture and sport, improving working conditions with emphasis on safety and occupational health and focusing resources on health, and education. Revolutionary militancy is a way of constructing that future in the present which overcomes impotence, depression and objectivism into which some workers sink.

{module Propaganda 30 anos – BRASIL}A second discussion related to the class struggle in Europe. We discussed over-production and the crisis of capitalism with the understanding that banking and finance crisis was only the tip of a continuing crisis hitting imperialist countries where the working class are being made to pay. The bourgeoisie is trying to crush the conquests won over many years by ending public services and labour rights. But workers and youth are resisting by occupying the streets and with mass mobilisations of workers and the public.

Some youth at the camp said that they had never been interested in politics before but following all the events in Europe and across the world felt unable to stay out of politics anymore.

A young miner

On the second day of the camp a young miner from Spain joined us. He began his speech nervously and continued emotionally making points on Asturias and its miners’ history. Northern Spain depends on mining for survival, so if the mines are closed the miners and the communities would be devastated.

Miners were on strike for two months and were without pay for this period. Support for the miners is extremely important as they still need funds to support themselves and their families. He related the slogans and chants with tears in his eyes: ‘If our children cry, your children will bleed.’ He then sang a Spanish miners song and everyone sang in solidarity. A collection of €350 was made for the miners. The last day commemorated 30 years of existence of the IWL-fi and its history in Europe. The discussion began with the Portuguese Carnation Revolution in 1975, Angola’s independence war, the end of Franco in Spain, and the emergence of the Spanish section of the IWL.

We are optimistic and think that the suffering of the millions today is the birth pangs of a better world. We need to organize a Revolutionary International that is a worthy continuation of the Fourth International of Trotsky, and the current IWL-fi is its driving force.


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