Independent National Union for Industries and Services “20/32 Movement” was recognized on June 26, 2019 in Mexico City.

By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup

They already have 2,500 affiliated workers.

This union is based on the 20/32 Movement which led workers’ strikes in one hundred industrial companies in Matamoros, on the U.S./Mexico border on January/February, 2019.

This movement was led by the lawyer Suzana Prieto Terrazas.

Another achievement was the participation in local elections in Matamoros.

All four workers’ candidates were chosen in open mass meetings in Matamoros.

In these mass meetings workers sang the motto “To Struggle to win. To struggle towards Workers Power”.

They got 15,000 votes altogether. That is around 20% of all votes.

Matamoros is a workers’ city.

One hundred companies hire 100,000 workers, mainly electronics and auto industry.

These companies are primarily integrated to the American chain of industrial production.

The workers’ struggles in Matamoros is a source of inspiration for the international working class.