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Sudan: CSP-Conlutas Solidarity Motion

Justice for Sudan Once again thank you very much. The statement was translated and published in the SPA FB page - there is positive gratitude...

Sudan: Diary of a Revolution 5

 Sudanese workers rise: old traditions, new challenges By: Martin Ralph - ISL / UK 05/20/2019 Many workers organise strikes over many issues but there is one central...

Sudan: Diary of a Revolution 4

Sudanese revolution; dangers, strikes, and growth The fight for real change has only just begun   By Martin Ralph (ISL-Britain)  05/07/2019 In the Khartoum occupation, a Sudanese Professional  Association...

Russian Revolution


Netflix and the Russian Government Join Forces to Spread Lies About Trotsky

The Netflix Company is reproducing a series produced by the Putin administration about Leon Trotsky’s life. It is a gross and unacceptable falsification of...

Rose Luxemburg, “For a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free”

When hundreds of women organize to call for an 8M General Strike in Spain and declare that the feminism they fight for is "anti-capitalist,...