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Middle East


How to help Mozambique?

As if the President Filipe Nyusi´s incompetent government performance, member of the Mozambique Liberation Front - FRELIMO,  was not ominous, natural disasters continue to...

A new African Spring?

Today in Africa we see authoritarian, Bonapartist and dictatorial presidents who have ruled their countries for decades leaving power. All due to popular mobilization...

“Freedom… Peace… Justice…” – Sudan’s Ongoing Revolution

On 19 December 2018, peaceful demonstrations broke out through the streets of Atbara, in the Republic of Sudan. Bread prices tripled in Atbara overnight,...

Russian Revolution


Netflix and the Russian Government Join Forces to Spread Lies About Trotsky

The Netflix Company is reproducing a series produced by the Putin administration about Leon Trotsky’s life. It is a gross and unacceptable falsification of...

Rose Luxemburg, “For a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free”

When hundreds of women organize to call for an 8M General Strike in Spain and declare that the feminism they fight for is "anti-capitalist,...